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Design Your Own Leggings

Some of you may know that not long ago we announced a competition on our social media asking everyone to submit their favourite artwork that they would love to see on their leggings. The competition was incredible & we have so many participants  -THANK YOU ALL. We chose 3 final designs which you can see bellow & we are so in love with them all. 
Since then we decided to make this competition a regular thing. Want to participate in our next one? Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to know when we're doing it again. 
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Let's hear it from one of the winners Angela.
What did you think about our last competition where you got to design your own leggings?
When I saw the competition on MyMantraActive's page I was so excited, because it was just so different from other competitions! Choosing a print that was potentially going to be made into yoga leggings was a dream come true!!! 
Why did you choose dragon fly print?
I knew straight away that I wanted to choose either a butterfly print or a dragonfly print. The thing that swayed it was the beautiful color reminiscent of the ocean & when I would cycle by the beach, there were dragonflies. Their colours & their freedom of movement are so beautiful!
What do you think of the leggings you won?
They are so amazing!!!! Absolutely stunning! The color & print is so vibrant & striking. They are unbelievably soft, and fit like a second skin... I can't believe how comfortable they are, but they're also strong & supportive without being restrictive... perfect!!!
How did you feel when you found out that your design was one of 3 that won?
My jaw dropped!!! I couldn't believe it! I might've done a happy dance & screamed a bit too!!! As I said winning this was a dream come true!!! And to know that other yogis loved the design too & will feel beautiful wearing them is the best feeling! Thank you so much to MyMantraActive for making my dream come true xxx 
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Thank you Angela for your kind words :)