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Our Story

Our Beliefs - We believe in YOU  
Who We Are - We are an UK based active wear brand with a huge passion for travel. A small brand that was born on a small tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand called Koh Tao. This island has been Mantra's home for almost a year & many magical things have happened during that time including the birth of Mantra itself. Our brand was created by myself Ina Plesca and my partner Adam Rogers (a couple that have a huge passion for health, fitness & travel) and we've joined forces with other professionals from around the world to bring you only the best, most authentic, nature & culture inspired active lifestyle wear. We travel, we see, we capture the moments, we create & we share with them you. We hope you can join us on our travel journey #MantraJourneys & we hope to slowly meet each & every single one of you through our new travel venture - New Horizon Active Escapes - Fitness Retreats in paradise. Come say hi & let's connect.
Love from Adam & Ina
Our Goals - Our goals are big & so are our hopes. We want to bring you the free peoples active lifestyle wear, that is bright & beautiful, that takes you from gym to beach, from yoga mat to surfing board, from hiking to a coffee with your friends. We want to come with you everywhere & experience your journey. We would also love if you could share your journey with us along the way & share your adventure with us. By using #MantraJourneys we will constantly be able to see what our mantra fans are up to and will be adding inspirational photos & captions to our social media platforms.
Our Views - We believe that sharing is caring, that this planet we call home should be loved & cherished forever. We believe that we should share the beauty of it & bring people/communities together, that the future lays in our hands & we are capable of amazing things. We believe that people should be free & wild, adventurous & exploring, happy & carefree. With this in mind, we are trying our best to keep our planet forever green, so that we can live here always & forever. We want you to help us along the way, come and join the movement & let's create that better space together. We are working on bringing you only the finest Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade products. We take pride in our brand & our values & we want you to feel the same way.
Our Charity - We believe that to change the world, you must first start with yourself. And so that's exactly what we do, we start with us. Here at Mantra we want to give back to the world, we want to do so with pure intentions, we want to give smiles, warm hugs, whatever help we can to make this world a better place.
By shopping with us, you automatically do a good deed. We use a part of the sales to help out the world in any way we can. Please check our Facebook page to see where your money will be going & make sure you Like us & spread the word. 
We want to share other good deeds, so please do tell us stories & send pictures of good deeds from around the world & we will share them on our social media web.
Facebook - Mantra Good Deeds
Instagram - @MantraGoodDeeds