PRE ORDER - Blue Tropics Rash Top

A while ago we attempted a kickstarter campaign which unfortunately didn't meet it's target. After a little break, we're doing our own campaign on our own platform and our own terms. We hope you can support us to reach our goal. Our aim is to sell 14 pieces per design to meet our minimum quantity with our manufacturers. In case this amount isn't met, we will refund you the money. Please read the following info before purchasing.

We've decided to allow you a longer period of time so you can get all your favourite designs. Not getting paid until next month? You're ok, this campaign will be here until the end of Feb and fulfilments will be made before the end of April.

Taking Orders - from now until end of Feb
Production time - Feb until mid March
With you - by end of April
(we will keep you updated in case this goes over time)


We're aware this sounds like a very very long time to wait for something, but trust us when we say it will be worth the wait. We hope you see the value in investing in a brand that likes to do business differently. Thank you for your time and hard earned money, we will make you proud :)
Blue Tropics Rash Top
Made from recycled plastic bottles
Blue tropics is another one of our favourite prints and we couldn't help but create a few different items in this print. If you're just like us, obsessed with palm trees and tropics, you'll also love this new print in our collection. Match this rash guard top with your favourite bikini bottoms and enjoy your adventures. 
Product description
Long sleeve rash top
Eco Friendly fabric
Rpet/Poly - recycled plastic bottles
Medium support
Matching items; leggings, sport bras, bikinis, beach towel
Model size UK 10/12
Wearing size Medium
Size Guide
S - 6/10 UK 
M - 10/12
L - 12/14
XL - 14/18

Size Guide

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