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September 25, 2017

Do you want to learn how to Salsa? No problem!

Do you want to learn how to play the bagpipes? No problem!

Do you want to learn how to grow an online business? No problem!

& that has to be what I absolutely adore about these types of social media websites. There is potential to grow in so many ways.


Back to the Very Beginning... 

After being released in 2005, YouTube quickly became the most popular video sharing website in the world. With videos ranging from how to do almost everything & anything, you can think of, to the sudden obsession with VLOGS (video blogs). You can search for anything & be sure that something related will pop up. With us watching 4 BILLION hours of YouTube per month it's definitely a good way to spread knowledge.

Social media is forever growing, along with our love for technology. So what better way than to hop on board & emerge yourself in the ever-growing trend of sharing your wisdom, life & loves with the other fellow YouTubers of 2017.

Our current biggest growing obsession is that as humans, we love watching other people lives and although I don't necessarily think this is always beneficial (as it can bring a lot of negative life comparisons to light), YouTube can be a great way to learn about any topic you want. For me, that topic tends to be anything relating to health, food, fitness or online businesses/social media. 




My new Lover 

YouTube is something that I would use occasional, but I've never really been "into" until recently, & I think I may be hooked... My go-to thing to watch when eating dinner is no longer TV, it's YouTube. That's got to be saying something right!?! This may come down to my obsession with learning. I constantly want to be learning about something new the whole time. YouTube is definitely my new favourite tool for helping me with this, along with Netflix documentaries of course. Oh if only life could revolve around YouTube & Netflix (+ food, obviously) the whole time, although I'm sure I would get bored eventually...maybe. 

Anyway since YouTube seems to be my new found love (I've actually been uploading videos myself onto the Rocket & Honey YouTube channel) I thought I would share with you guys my current favourite YouTubers.



Sarahs Day  (The Raw Life)

Natacha Oceane (Sharing the Knowledge)

Shona Vertue (Her videos are absolutely hysterical + The Best Yoga Inspo)

Rob Lipsett (The Boys side of things)

Grace Fit UK (Grow that Booty & be a Cutie)

Naturally Sassy (Ballet Blast)

Zanna Van Dijk (Serial Girl Boss)

Abby Pollock (The Brains)

Joe Delaney (The Joker)

The Domestic Geek (Food prep for Life)

Secret Bloggers' Business (The Life/Blog Saver)

(Yes I know there's 11, not 10 but I just couldn't miss any of these off! P.s they are in no specific order!)




How do they do it?

Now, I'm not going to get into full detail about why I love/follow these specific YouTube channels because this blog post would probably become a full-blown novel, but I will say this:

Each and every one of these YouTubers got me as a follower through pure determination & persistence. Every single one of these channels uploads regularly, & they upload content that is both useful & entertaining (if only it was as easy as to transcribe that knowledge of success to R&H's YouTube channel).  

& so there you have it. The truth behind what makes a successful YouTube Channel (or at least in my eyes).

The one thing these channels all have in common is a love for teaching (+ health & fitness, I'm obsessed). Whether it's through sharing a glimpse into their daily lives or doing a video based on specific topics they've learnt about recently. Every single time I watch a video I feel like I learn something new, & it's good to learn at least one new thing a day right?

So technically YouTube is the equivalent of school? (Don’t hold me to that one!). The online world is also filled with a lot of silly stuff, so do your research & find accountable profiles, before you start hanging off every single word one person says.

The Most Powerful Tool

Youtube can be an amazing way to learn & grow not only as an entrepreneur but also as a person. Social influence can be one of, if not THE most powerful tool you may have when it comes to spreading the word, setting up a business or becoming the new favourite in the world of social media. Which let's be honest, is what we all strive for these days.

As the millennial generation, we don't want to sit still. We don't want to be stuck in an office job & we certainly don't want to be stuck in the same country forever. Or at least I know I don't, & this is something that is ever growing in people my age. We want to see the world, & we want to be able to make a living whilst we do it.


The Potential 

There is so much potential out there for this to happen, & there is more potential to travel & see the world now than there ever has been before. So why not? We're the generation that will make living in multiple continents a normality. We are the generation that will have friends from the Philippines, Israel, Columbia, South Africa, Iran, Costa Rica, Turkey & everywhere else in the world, & I know that because I already do. We are the generation that will strive for more than just being content.

& this my lovely humans, is why I love social media & the potential it can bring to our lives, through the sharing of love, life & knowledge.


If you have someone that significantly influences you, (youtube or not) & the way you live/think I would love to hear all about it. Don't be scared to reach out & get in touch or comment below.

Love Annie | Rocket & Honey

@rocketandhoneyInsta + FB + Twitter + YouTube 


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