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Why Weight Is Just A Number - Proof is @yolaforthewin

Approximately how many times has someone told you "weight is just a number". You smile and agree, wake up the next morning and gently step onto the scales, hoping you'll see those numbers you desperately want to see. Those ridiculous numbers that somehow consume you.
Well, here at My Mantra Active we think it's about time you threw your scales out, stopped fearing numbers and start using your eyes! Not convinced? Meet Yola our super fit bikini model - @yolaforthewin.
The left picture shows Yola at 58 kilograms. The right shows Yola at 64 kilograms. We haven't tampered with the numbers, there they are again numbers! So remove them, and tell me which picture looks better? In our heads we would assume a woman weighing less would automatically look "better". Hasn't Yola just proved that this isn't the case?
Now don't get me wrong Yola has worked incredibly hard to look this good, she's a huge fan of crossfit, body combat and boot camp, not forgetting her job... A personal trainer. Do you think she sculpted this scrumptious tummy, noticed she had gained 6 kilograms, so quick, no we didn't think so either.
So next time you feel the need to delicately step onto your scales, try looking in the mirror instead. Those little abs that are peaking through, or that slight shadow on the back of your arm slowly developing into a sculpted tricep, these could be those extra kilograms or pounds you've gained. Don't be trapped by numbers.
Oh and do buy the bikini ;)
Yola is known on social media for her killer abs and her light-hearted fun posts. Bellow are the ones we loved the most on her Instagram account which you must must must follow @yolaforthewin

ina plesca
ina plesca


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