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Why adventure & travel is a vital part of My Mantra Active's DNA

lembongan island, fitness on lembongan
I wholeheartedly believe that a brand becomes the reflection of someone's dreams. With that said, throughout my whole life, adventure & travel was always on my mind. I used to dream as a child that one day I'll be going off to travel the world, to sunbathe on sandy white beaches, to swim in blue sparkly oceans, to get involved in local cultures and to meet loads of amazing and like minded people. 
blue lagoon lembongan island
3.5 years ago, myself & Adam had the perfect opportunity to move to Thailand and that was our very first taste of living in a foreign country while slowly ticking things off my bucket list - sandy white beaches, palm trees, oceans, jungle hikes, new friends, adventure, travel etc. With some big dreams being ticked off, other new dreams were born.
My Mantra Active was one of those newly born dreams & adventure had a big part to play.
lembongan island sea
So if you were wondering why the brand is so vibrant, colourful and full of sunshine, now you know it - it was a 100% reflection of our life. Living the island life 3 years ago, has led to the slow creation of what My Mantra Active is today and building a great tribe to go with it :)
koh samui aerial shot
With the addition of a brand new & fun business, My Mantra Active is about to get even more adventurous and fun. New Horizon Active Escapes is our 2nd creation and it reflects the very same lifestyle as My Mantra Active - sun, fun & active living. If you don't follow us on Instagram yet - you can get an equally positive dose of happiness from @newhorizonescapes
New Horizon Active Escapes Thailand
The way we see life, is the way we do business. Customers & their satisfaction comes first. Fun & adventure comes after. Thank you all for being such a vital part of our journey. It really means the world to us. If you do decide to ever come away with us on an active retreat, you can get £100 OFF any retreat with the code "MantraTribe". We hope to see you in paradise.
Ina, Adam & the team

ina plesca
ina plesca


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