Things to do while at home in isolation

Things to do while at home in isolation

March 26, 2020

things to do in corona isolation

With the entire world going into isolation, it is more important than ever to stay mentally and physically healthy. Here are some ideas that I am implementing daily into my new "isolation" life.

- Create a routine and make it the same every single day to stay motivated and on track. I still wake up at 5 am and walk downstairs, make myself a coffee, grab a glass of water and open my laptop to start working. 

- With the rise of home workouts via all social media channels, there is no shortage on the "stay fit at home" front. If you still can't find a tribe, why not join me and Adam on our daily live videos at 7am GMT. We are bringing you a variety of workouts from HIIT, body weight, kickboxing based, yoga based etc. Join me on Instagram or Twitter to learn more. 

- Wear the appropriate clothes for the activity you're about to do. If you're working from home, perhaps you should be wearing a similar outfit to the one you would wear at work just to get your mind in the zone. I'm lucky, I get to wear active wear no matter what and with the drop of the recent collection I'm having a variety of workout gear to choose from. 

- Bake or make healthy recipes each day. This is your opportunity to finally compete with Jamie Oliver. I've moved to the country side in Norfolk for a while and had to invest a new Ninja blender for my mental wellbeing; planning to make a ton of smoothie bowls, nice creams and other yummy things. You can find all my daily creations on my social media channels @chasingfreedomdaily. 

- Speak to family and friends via live chats and hey, I've been watching friends work out via video too. Why not work on a sweat together or even bake something yummy together?

- Take a little moment for mindfulness (meditate or journal daily). I've been journalling for the last year or so and every so often I open my journal at a random page in the past and I instantly smile. There are little nuggets of wisdom from the old me and I really appreciate these little lines written on the pages. 

- Learn something you've always wanted to learn. Now's the opportunity  you've all been waiting for. 

I'm sure I can write 100 more ideas on things to do while you self isolate, but I'm pretty certain you've all nailed it already. So on that note, I wish you good luck and lots of patience. The earth needed to breathe a little and we needed a little head space to stop, take a mental break and reassess "life". 




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