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The Best Cafes In Byron Bay Australia


Byron Bay

Place of hope and glory, sun and surf, food and coffee.

Byron Bay is literally one of my favourite places in the world. We have been living here for over 4 months now, and I am absolutely devastated to be leaving. Our visas are up which means it's time for new adventures. New Zealand here we come!

Apart from obviously going to the beach every day, one of the things I have enjoyed most about living here in Byron has been the food. So I thought it only appropriate that I let you guys in on my favourite places to eat, drink and be jolly. It would be rude not to share. 

 byron bay

Insta Food

I don't know about you, but when I travel to a new place I literally look for the top places to eat and get coffee in my local area. Maybe Melbourne turned me into a complete coffee snob, or maybe I'm completely addicted to social media (Instagram I blame you!), or maybe I just love good food. To me, it's the same as my mum going to a restaurant for the chef she loves. Maybe I don't know the chef but if the food's good you've already won me over.

So without further ado, I wanted to share with you guys my all time favourite places to eat, grab a coffee or maybe even a cheeky cocktail in Byron Bay.  


Town Side

The Beet Byron Bay

Want to experience the best vegan burger in Byron? Then head to this place! Some of the yummiest plant-based whole meals out there and they even have free talks every now and then. Check out my blog post with a review of their latest event, starting Plant-Based Chef Adam Guthrie - The Beet X Adam Guthrie 

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The Beet Byron Bay



Everything’s pink. Now if you follow me on Instagram you'll probably of noticed that I quite like the colour pink. Plus this place does the best Acai Bowls in Byron Bay, it's a win-win situation really. Aesthetically pleasing and tummy-pleasing all in one. I also love the fact that it is only girls working here, in the kitchen and front of house. How cool is that!?! Girl Power for the win!

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Healthy cafes in Byron Bay, Combi cafe Byron Bay 

Bay Leaf | Leaf & Grain

Now if your willing to wait for a table at Bay Leaf or book in advance then you'll enjoy a fantastic menu from salad bowls to smoothie bowls to a beautiful selection of probiotic drinks. If you're just in town for a flying visit however or want to take your lunch to the beach. Leaf & Grain their takeout cafe next door is for you. Great coffee + a glass fridge full of beautiful salads that you can mix and match to go. Food always tasted so much better with your hair blowing in the wind.

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Byron Bay Healthy Cafes

Byron Fresh

Great Cocktails, you had me at hello. This place has live music, great cocktails and nibbles, and is literally just down from the beach. A perfect late lunch place in the heart of Byron. It's also really cute in here so be sure to take some pictures next to the pretty flowers. Great spot for a cheeky glass of Rose on a summers evening. 

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Byron Fresh Cafe

North Side

Three Blue Ducks - The Farm Byron  Bay

You get to see baby cows and eat super yummy food. Plus there's a plant shop and a farm/cookbook shop. What more could you want for a day out? There's lots of play space for children, plus beautiful followers to walk through and explore the land. If you're lucky you might even get to see some piglets.  The perfect place for a family day out. Watch out for the chicken running around, he loves a good old cuddle. 

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The farm at byron bay

Folk Byron Bay


The food here is literally insane. To be honest this is probably my favourite place for breakfast. The menu is pretty small which is actually good for me as I'm super indecisive. There's something for everybody here and the layout is just beautiful.

The young couple who own Folk have done an absolutely fantastic job and are constantly working around the clock to improve in every which way they can. Credit where its due, this place rocks, and is definitely at the top of the list for being Instagram worthy! So go check it out and make sure you try their exotic iced teas. This place is some wholesome and homely. I love it. 

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 Folk Byron Bay cafe

100 Mile Table

The coffee! Enough said. The coffee at this place is literally insane. It is the best coffee in the whole of Byron, I'm obsessed. This place is actually a co-working space which is awesome. Think big long tables, workshops at the end and a massive studio space upstairs with computers. You have to book to use the upstairs but if you can work offline and fancy the best coffee ever with some peace and quiet, then this is your go-to place.

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100 mile cafe byron bay


South Side

The General Store

Vegan Waffles and kombucha on tap... do I really have to say much more? This place has literally only just opened a couple of months ago but it is always absolutely heaving. Of course, I couldn't help myself and had to go check it out the first day it opened, I even went on my own! Trust me on this was it was so worth sitting solo for those waffles and coconut ice cream. Trust me I've been back plenty of times since.

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the byron bay general store 

Pizza Paradiso

Think thin crispy based pizzas with a massive menu including a great vegetarian section and lots of yummy salads and pasta. You literally can't get any better than the pizzas here. The bases are to die for and they even go up to a giant size. Which can be great for sharing or if you're like me, eating on your own! Live music on the weekends really gets the vibe going. 

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pizza paradiso byron bay

Tully's Place

Sunday night tacos and margaritas. This place is great for getting your morning coffee and avo on toast, but it's even greater in the evenings when the wines pouring and the cocktails are flowing. Think tapas style food with your favourite margarita. Such a great place to have a bit of fun and incredibly yummy food with friends over the weekend evenings. Good vibes and Great Food!

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 tullys place byron bay

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Enjoy your time in Byron without having to worry where you're going to eat. We love hearing about your experiences and your opinions. Let us know which is your favourite 






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