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Do something amazing this Christmas - reverse advent calendar


"It’s a great way to show your children that Christmas is a time for giving, not just getting."

- ukmoneybloggers

Want to make a difference this Christmas? Now's your chance!

Have you ever heard of the reverse advent calendar? If not, your mind is about to be blown!




The reverse advent calendar is an idea that has come about thanks to UK Money Bloggers. The idea behind it is that you make a suitable donation to your local food bank just in time for Christmas. This is something you can start right now, today!

Place a food or hygiene product in a box each day for the next 25 days & take it to your local food bank at the start/mid-December. By delivering your food box then you can be certain that you're gifts are shared out before Christmas arrives. 

 Read Trussell’s Trust’s What goes in a food bank parcel to see the sorts of things you can pick. It’s mostly tinned or dried food as it has to all be long life. If you aren’t sure, check the Use By date on the item, and make sure it’s several months away.

Children may want to fill the box with mince pies, chocolates and snacks – the sort of special food they think of as being for Christmas.  But food banks also need “the boring stuff” – cereals, tinned fruit and vegetables, rice etc.

If you look your local food bank’s website there may be a list of things they most need. The one on the right is from my local one – it’s not the national list.


reverse advent calendar


Your time to Shine

This is your chance to make a real difference in somebody else's life this Christmas. Is something your children can get involved with too. It's a great way to teach them how to give back from a very young age.

This is not only great idea for individuals & families, but a fantastic opportunity for businesses to get involved & give something back. It's a way to offer a helping hand this Christmas. 

 “At Christmas, food banks give more than just food to people – they give hope,”


food bank donations

The Plan of Action

Use food that has a long life period (if your not sure make sure the use by date has several months left on it).

  • Food - Cereal, Soup, Pasta/sauce, Rice, Beans, Tinned veg/fruit, Tea/coffee, Biscuits, chocolate 
  • Toiletries – deodorant, toilet paper, shower gel, shaving gel, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand wipes
  • Household items – laundry liquid detergent, laundry powder, washing up
  • Feminine products – sanitary towels and tampons Baby supplies – nappies, baby
  • Baby supplies – nappies, baby wipes, and baby food.

Please make sure what your local food bank is in need of the most. Some food banks will only accept food, so please check in advance to make sure you collect all the right things for donation. See a map of the food banks here.

Find Your Closest Food Bank Now


reverse advent calendar



& be sure to check out #foodbankadvent on social media to see all the great work or get some inspiration for your Christmas Advent Box.

 If you don't live in the UK and wish to do something similar, why not do a little research to find out what's available in your area?


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There are people out there that will really struggle this Christmas period. So be kind & share the love. Feel free to comment below or get in touch. We love hearing from you! 


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