Overnight Oats | A Cinnamon & Cranberries Oats Recipe

September 27, 2017

Overnight Oats. 

Two words it has taken me a long, long time to have in my life.


overnight oats recipes


Are you ready for me to change your life with the most amazing Oats ever?

Firstly, until I started this health kick a few years ago now, I was a big breakfast avoider. I honestly thought that by avoiding breakfast it meant that I could eat loads of junk food later on in the day/evening & cheat the system of weight gain. Oh, how naive I was. Yes, there are studies coming out telling us it doesn't matter how often you eat or whether you have 6 small meals or 2 big meals per day, which is completely true. When it comes to weight loss, it comes down to calories consumed VS calories exerted. On the other hand, though, I know from personal experience, that eating breakfast really can make a difference. It makes a difference because it sets the tone for the day. 


Morning or Afternoon?

Obviously, I can't speak for everyone, but I personally wake up every morning wanting each day to be the best day. I find that I want to eat healthy in the mornings to help me feel the best I can feel. It isn't until later in the day that the sugar cravings start to kick in. So I find that by eating early on in the morning I will set the healthy tone for the day. & if later on, I'm craving sugar, I think back to how well I'm doing & it makes me want to keep up the good work (most days, not every).

Whereas If I wait until later on, I find my sugar cravings have already kicked in, I'm also a lot hungrier & so my body craves very high simple carb based meals as it wants energy quickly. Which isn't always a bad thing, but some peoples’ bodies work better on a lower carb/higher fat diet, mine included. (I've recently done a blog post over on Rocket & Honey, that explains this topic in a little more detail). I find that if this happens, for the rest of the day I'm trying to play catch up, & I tend to no make the best choices when it comes to eating clean.

& so my lovely humans that is the story as to why Overnight Oats hadn't been in my life, until now! & my oh my, how I had been missing out. So without further ado, I would like to share with you my new favourite breakfast recipe:


overnight oats recipe ideas


Overnight oats | Cinnamon & Cranberries

      1|4 | Courgette

     50g | Oats

     50g | Chocolate Protein Powder

 1 tbsp | Chia Seeds

 1 tbsp | Cranberries

 1 tbsp | Pumpkin Seeds

250ml | Coconut & Almond Milk

2 tbsp | Ancient Grains Kick Start Cereal Topper cinnamon)


& there we have it.

Add it all to a bowl, stir well, cling film & put in the fridge overnight.

Tada, the most perfect, quick, easy & healthy breakfast to wake up to & keep you going all morning.

overnight oats recipe ideas


Christmas in a Bowl

You guys seriously have to try this. It's so quick & easy & such a great way to start the day & tick all your macronutrient boxes. Plus, I find this is one of those breakfasts that keep your energy levels up & hunger at bay for way longer. Oh, & did I forget to mention it's honestly like eating Christmas. That cinnamon, cranberry & chocolate mix IS ON FIRE! Definitely, one you need on your breakie list during those the up & coming chili winter months.



P.S Check out the R&H YouTube channel showing you guys how quick & easy these super yummy overnight oats are to make, so don't forget to check it out.




Love Annie | Rocket & Honey

@rocketandhoneyInsta + FB + Twitter + YouTube 


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