Our travel year on the road has finally come to an end

Our travel year on the road has finally come to an end

November 10, 2018

active wear on koh samui

We're back in the UK and it's finally time to slowly unwind, look back at our year on the road with New Horizon Escapes and reflect on the incredible travel journey we've had. Some of you will already know our association with New Horizon while others will still be new to this, so here's what this is all about.

New Horizon Escapes is our 2nd business, which started after My Mantra Active. 3 years ago, when we returned to the UK after living in Australia, we couldn't quite accept the fact that our travelling was over. We found a cute apartment in Canary Wharf, London and we settled here during the winter, while still not quite believing that we are back.

surfing holiday in Sri Lanka

Over the few months back home, we did a lot of thinking about the possibility of finding "that thing" that will take us back on the road again. After a little thinking and reminiscing our travelling we remembered about an idea we once had, that we did nothing about at the time because we just weren't quite ready for it and it wasn't the right time.

That idea was to take people out of their comfort zones, travelling to exotic and tropical destinations, where they can stay active, fit and live a lot of adventure filled moments. It took us no time to set it all up and launch our first location on Koh Tao, the island where My Mantra Active was born too.

Fitness retreat

This year, we've lived out of suitcases for the best part of it. We've travelled to over 8 countries running different escapes, we met loads of amazing like minded humans, we took them to incredible places and showed them a good time, we stepped outside comfort zones by being a full time travel family and we worked on both businesses on the go.

Sometimes in order to become great and get good at something you really need to challenge yourself. Push yourself to the limits and allow your wildest dreams to finally come true. This year has been the hardest year in our lives, no doubt, but we would do it all over again in heart beat. Now it's time to slowly unwind, while we're back to a little routine and normality before we do it all over again. 

We hope that for you too, this year has been one you'll never forget. Don't be afraid to live your wildest dreams.

Wishing you positive vibes,

Ina (Founder)


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