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Ocean themed leggings, bikinis, yoga mats, accessories & more

We've decided to put together a Blog post about everything Ocean, that you can find on our website. So if you're an ocean lover & you'd like something to constantly remind you of your huge love for our amazing oceans, you may have just come to the right place for that.
We are huge lovers of oceans, beaches & palm trees & one look on our Instagram account will confirm that ;) Being around oceans & living in the tropics, gives us unlimited inspiration for new eco & ethical designs. We hope you like what we've put together :) Let's go for a ride shall we?

Eco friendly bikinis UK


First thing's first - please welcome our eco friendly leggings. These leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles which keep our Oceans cleaner. What's the exact process behind it? Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned, shredded and turned into fabric which then ends up becoming your beautiful leggings. If you'd like to know the exact procedure - you can read our blog here :)


Eco friendly leggings uk, leggings made from recycled plastic bottles

Eco friendly marble leggings - find them here

mermaid leggings made from recycled plastic bottles, eco friendly mermaid leggings

Eco friendly mermaid leggings - find them here


Next up is a yoga mat that resembles a huge ocean by Form. These yoga mats are made from natural tree rubber, have no chemicals pumped into them and are made with natural dyes. If you're done with the mat, it will slowly decompose in nature as they are bio degradable - hence why they're made from natural tree rubber ;) 


eco friendly yoga mats UK, ocean yoga mat uk

Round yoga mats uk, eco friendly yoga mat uk, ocean yoga mat uk, sea yoga mat uk

Ocean yoga mats uk, eco friendly yoga mat uk, recycled yoga mat uk

Find the Ocean Yoga mat - here


Next up is the new Sterling Silver jewellery collection that we've recently added online. This stunning collection is made by an artisan jeweller in the comfort of her bungalow on a small tropical island in Thailand, called Koh Tao. All of her designs are inspired by the ocean and the island life. Isn't it all beautiful? Check out those awesome silver wave rings - I had to make sure I own one ;)


Sea shell jewellery uk, real silver ocean jewellery, ocean inspired jewellery

ocean jewellery uk, silver jewellery ocean themed

Find the Ocean collection here

sea shell bracelet silver, women's ocean bracelets, gifts for ocean lovers

Find the silver sea shell & sea glass bracelet here

sea shell bracelet, jewellery for ocean lovers, jewellery for sea lovers

Find this silver sea shell bracelet here

Sea wave rings uk, silver sea wave ring uk, jewellery for ocean lovers

Find these silver ocean wave rings here

sea shell silver jewellery, sea shell silver ring, hand made silver ring

You can find this silver seashell ring here


Another beautiful and ocean inspired piece on our website is the hand made crochet top. We have a few of them in fact, in different colours - let's be honest, the ocean is so amazing, that it never is the same colour. So for that reason, we have crochet tops in turquoise, blue & purple. All of these gorgeous designs are hand made by our amazing crochet specialist & are of the highest quality possible. hand made turquoise crochet bikini uk, turquoise bikini uk

Find this turquoise crochet top here

hand made purple crochet bikini, hand made crochet bikini uk, women's crochet bikini top purple

Purple & blue crochet bikini top available here


blue crochet bikini top, women's crochet bikini top, boho bikini top

Find this blue crochet top here



sale ocean goods, i need vitamin sea bag, beach please sea bag

You can also find some other cool ocean inspired things on sale here.

We hope you enjoyed our Ocean themed blog & we hope you are able to fix your wanderlust mood with one of our ECO friendly designs. Join our fashion with a conscience. 

ina plesca
ina plesca


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