New Design Launching Next Week - Read to learn more about it

September 20, 2017

I know I've kept a little bit more quiet than usual about this design, and that's because I haven't yet managed to have a photoshoot where I can showcase it to you all. Finally, I have arranged a photoshoot for tomorrow, fingers crossed the British weather stays on our side.


I'll also be doing a little behind the scenes video, where I'll be introducing myself (the founder), the model, the photographer and of course the new design ;) I hope you all like it & I hope that'll be the start of some new behind the scenes YouTube videos from me, more about the story of the brand, about myself and my journey with the brand, the travel, the inspiration behind it etc.


It's an awesome design for autumn and upcoming winter and you'll soon be able to match the leggings with an awesome bra; first the leggings, then the sport bra. Stay tuned for some behind the scenes Instagram stories tomorrow, an awesome YouTube video & of course a brand new design :)

Have an amazing day tribe, lots of love to you all...

Ina xoxox

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