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August 05, 2017

Hey hey tribe, welcome back to our blog and thanks for checking out today's blog post. Today I'd like to share with you a little more from behind the scenes here at My Mantra Active. So myself the founder (Ina), is an avid traveller & also co founder of a 2nd business New Horizon Escapes - which takes us out & about to gorgeous tropical destinations such as Thailand, Bali, Sri Lanka & other dreamy locations. 
While I run My Mantra Active online (with a small team of wonderful people that make all the magic happen), I'm also running active holidays with my partner in crime Adam & our 2nd business New Horizon Escapes. No doubt, you'll be hearing a lot more about our active holidays, as I'll be updating you all on the news and what we get up to out here in South East Asia. 
So seeing as we travel so much, there's really no way we could have a stable office. Apart from our fulfilment office in the UK, where orders are being despatched, there's no other physical office for us to work from, and seeing as we're away from the UK 90% of the time, we have to set camp wherever life takes us :) So today I wanted to share with you a bunch of photos from the different types of offices we've had around the world, so you can get a better idea of where the magic really happens at my mantra active :)
Nr 1 goes out to the office that's sometimes set up in bed.
You know those lazy Sunday mornings when you wake up and you don't really know what to do with yourself? Well, that's where we set up office in bed & we don't have to walk far either :) 
tropical bikini, reversible tropical bikini, pineapple sport bra
Nr 2 - goes to the floor :))
Ok you've  probably never imagined that such a brand will be working on the floor, but we do, because sometimes the floor is the best place to be - specially when you have such a beautiful set up as a huge round Ocean Yoga Mat to sit on. We were trying to get some Thai cushions for it, but we were leaving Thailand shortly after, so we didn't want to invest in something we couldn't take away with us :)
You should try the floor, you'll be pleasantly surprised ;)
round yoga mat, eco friendly yoga mat, eco friendly leggings
3 - Sun beds with a view - Koh Tao island, Thailand. 
I mean what else would you do on a sun bed if not set up an office? Specially with a view like this ;) This photo was taken on Koh Tao island, the birth place of My Mantra Active during one of our active holidays with New Horizon Escapes. A friend of ours invited us over to stay at his villa prior to the active holiday starting, and I've enjoyed every second of it :)
dramer, koh tao island
4 - Our office in the UK.
This photo was taken in May 2017 during our 2 year Birthday celebration. We don't spend much time in the UK, but when we do, we love to work from our fulfilment office. It's always nice to feel like there's a base somewhere and you don't need to move around - ahhh we love the UK & can't wait to go back very soon.
happy birthday
Nr 5 - Co working spaces
Every so often we like to work from co working spaces where we can meet like minded people. Sometimes working online can feel a little lonely, and humans need humans for interaction, so a co working space is always a great idea. 
the artist table northampton
Nr 6 - Up high in Sky Scrapers
This photo was taken during one of our breaks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We love KL & we regularly take short trips there to see a friend + also unwind a little from feeling sweaty 90% of the time, living the island life :) When we go to KL we often go to eat our fave breakfast buffet in town at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. Not only is their food just gorgeous, but you also get a great view of the valleys in the distance & the Petrona's Towers. So once our bellies are full & satisfied, we usually move over to the seating area & work away at our to do list of the day :)
grand hyatt kuala lumpur
Nr 7 - Coffee shops in Chiang Mai - North of Thailand.
Very often, when working from inside an apartment, productivity can drop drastically. You start mixing the home life with the work life & before you know it, you've been wasting precious time on being unproductive. So this is why I make sure I get out & work from cafes as often as needed. This gives me the opportunity to check out new cafes in the area, get my caffeine fix & also be more productive ;)
Photo of My Mantra Active's dream board.
Nr 8 - At the top of a mountain/volcano
As much as we don't drag our computers up there, we do take our dreams with us. So when we went for a super hard hike up Mount Batur, Bali - we used up the time waiting for the sunrise, to dream and appreciate each moment we have. During this time, is where new ideas are born, new goals are set & our lives appreciated. Cheers to the 3hr hike ;) 
P.S - when in Bali (you must do the Mount Batur hike).
mount batur coffee
Nr 9 - On the beach
No not really... Anyone who has a photo of themselves working from a beach, that's not real. You have to take into consideration the heat & sweat, the sand that could blow into your computer, the sun reflection on your screen, the noises etc. We go to the beach to sunbathe & create new ideas ;) Ideas are born when your mind is most at rest. Now you're probably wondering what on earth am I holding? Well I was walking the beach one day in Bali, when a lovely Balinese lady called Sara approached me to try and sell me some bracelets (as you do;). So I decided to just chat to Sara, because she was super friendly & quite funny & we ended up hanging out on the beach together for hrs. YES I did buy a few bracelets ;) I couldn't say no to my newly made friend could I?  :D
10 - In restaurants
Sometimes, when needs must & there's something urgent to do before our meal arrives, we will do a couple of bits on our computers or phones. So for example, social media is a huge aspect of our brand. Running 2 businesses + having a person social account means I have to manage quite a few social media accounts. Here's a little break down of the accounts I have to manage :)
@mymantraactive - My Mantra's main Instagram account
@mymantra_summershop - My Mantra Active's summer shop account
@mymantraactive_iran - My Mantra Active in Iran
@newhorizonescapes - New Horizon Escapes
@inamantra - My personal account
P.S - & that's not all of them ;))
So I hope I've given you a better idea about our work ethics. Life isn't simple on the road but hey this is the life of a digital nomad. When we feel like things are getting a little overwhelming, we make sure to stop in one place for a month & collect ourselves in between travel, active retreats & life. The benefits outweigh all the life struggles & that's what keeps us pushing forward. If you'd like to support us & our brand, all you have to do is simply follow us on social media & give us some love. We always give love right back :)

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