May 08, 2019 1 Comment

It's been an incredible ride TRIBE.

The announcements you don't want to make, seems to be the hardest to write. But I'm a deadline kinda girl, so here we go; we're taking a break. My Mantra and I are taking a break. After 4 great years together, it is time to say goodbye (for now). 


You know the story. A couple of months ago I was at a crossroads. I had all these great ideas, designs and samples for a new collection, but not enough funds. My Mantra had always grown organically, reinvesting profits to fund a few new designs at a time. So I asked the universe for a way forward, and one of you suggested we try a Kickstarter. We jumped head first and gave it our all. It was a crazy ride, from shooting samples in Kenya & Thailand, to making a video and running a campaign. We raised over 11,000 pounds and more than 130 legends backed us. But we didn't reach our target, so didn't get the funding for a new collection. I don't believe in failure, only in the universe showing you a new direction. So we took a week to think long and hard on where that direction should be. This is what I realised: I need to refocus. 


My Mantra was the first business I ever started. From a small yogi brand founded on a Thai island, it developed to the business it is today. But it is no longer my sole focus, or my only business. New Horizon Escapes funds my family and pays for us to travel the world and live this great big adventure. It is time to give New Horizon my full attention. I know New Horizon wouldn't be what it is today without al the knowledge I gained through My Mantra. I'm incredibly grateful for everything the brand has taught me over the last four years. Just like I am thankful for each and every one of you for joining me on this incredible journey. I've loved talking to all of you and seeing your adventures over the last four years. 


This community has always been the best part of My Mantra, which is why it will stay open. We will keep posting on the My Mantra Active instagram about travel, fitness, smoothie bowls, amazing women, sustainable business and so much more. That way we can all stay in touch, share our new projects and most importantly... let you know when and if we relaunch. In the meantime, you can shop our final few pieces of stock. Most pieces are now on sale, and if they're not, you know they're worth investing in because there might never have another opportunity to do so. 


As a small business, you end up spending a lot of time thinking about money. But My Mantra was never about money. It was, and still is, about adventure. About being inspired by travel & nature. About empowering women so they can go solo. Knowing that this community will keep going, makes me happy even as I'm sad to say goodbye to the brand for now. 


Only a couple of days ago I won an award as an eco entrepreneur. Now I am saying goodbye to my first business baby. Life can be crazy. 




Ina & Charlotte 



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May 08, 2019

Really sad to hear your closing down and hope you decide to relaunch. The world needs more eco conscious brands 💚

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