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September 13, 2017

 "It isn't easy, but it is possible"


Now I'm going to be truthful with you guys. Staying motivated whilst on the road isn't easy, but it is possible. It can also be really fun & make your adventure way more memorable. Plus it can help you meet loads of like minded humans. Which let's be honest, we love like minded fellow fitness, travel, people. I might be biased, but I definitely think they are the best type of people, & you may even become life long friends.



After traveling South East Asia for 6 months & now Australia, I've definitely picked up a few tips for staying fit & healthy whilst on the road. & whilst it hasn't all been smooth sailing, it's definitely been worth it. After starting my fitness journey over three years ago now, I guess you could say it's ingrained in me, or at least I was hoping. Even though I had made a promise to myself that I was going to keep fit & healthy on the road. I was definitely stressed out about the fact that it may not happen, & there was a big possibility that I may head back to my old roots of being unhealthy & hating exercise.

...but you do know what!?! I didn't let that happen. I didn't want to go back to being that person & so I made sure it didn't happen. So I thought I would let you in on some of my hot tips that helped me along my way, hopefully, they can help you too. ♡



Step 1. Make it a Thing

Before I went traveling I 100% committed to keeping up my workouts whilst on the move. I made the decision that I would do 3 body weight workouts per week + if I did any extra activities (surf, yoga, hiking) it was an added benefit. Even though I had to pack light & for all occasion & weather types, I still made sure I had space for workout gear. I made it a priority! + workout gear is super comfy for traveling in, & if you're already wearing it, then there really is no excuses. This may be one of the reasons I always wear workout gear. If I get dressing into it in the morning then I have to workout in the day at some point! (This one is a great fitness life hack.)


how to travel and stay healthy


Step 2. Tell Everybody

This one is pretty simple. I literally told everybody I knew that I was going to keep fit & healthy on the road (many laughed in my face). I also told everybody on insta, & it worked. Much like my fitness account on Instagram kept me accountable when I first started getting into working out, it also kept me accountable whilst working out & traveling. I had not only made a promise to myself, but to others as well & I didn't want to let myself/them down. So there really was no choice but to follow through on my word. Plus I had to make some content to keep my followers happy. 


travelling and staying healthy blog


Step 3. Eat Like the Locals

Now for me, this one was particularly daunting. I don't eat meat (which can make it a little tricky) & I'm absolutely terrible with spice (which made it pretty impossible). This might have resulted in me living off 7/11 cheese toasties for the first week of being in Thailand. Don't fear, I soon had the realisation I couldn't live off toasties for ever & that a massive part of the experience of traveling is trying all the local foods.

Apart from the Philippines where the main source of food is takeaway joints (amazing fresh seafood on the islands), the rest of the South East Asian countries live off a pretty healthy diet. Filled with vegetables, broths, soups, stir fries & amazing smoothies EVERYWHERE (just make sure you ask for no added sugar otherwise you'll be pinging off the walls).

Honestly, the food is incredible if you eat like the locals. If you go out there searching for western style food you will most likely be disappointed & it's definitely nowhere near as beneficial for your health as their yummy homemade dishes.

Another up side is that there actually isn't much dairy around in South East Asia as it's not easy to process. So cutting out all the butter & cheeses from my diet actually really helped keep the scales down, and it's its way better for the environment & the lovely animals.


stay healthy while travelling the world


Step 4. Make the Most of the Outdoor Activities

I'm from England. Northern England, & whilst there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. They normally include freezing my toes off & getting soaked. I guess this is probably why I'm so keen to explore as much as I possibly can when traveling. If the sun is out, I'm out. I literally can't stay inside. I suddenly become a morning person, & I get itchy feet to be on the move, seeing something new & experience the world in all its glory. (That was cheesy, I can't help it, I'm sorry.)

One of the best benefits of this, is the more you move the better. Especially when it comes to keeping your weight down whilst on the road. Just make sure you stay hydrated, especially if it's hot & humid. Just because you sweat more doesn't mean necessarily means you're burning more calories, you are most likely actually getting more dehydrated. Water for the win!


how to stay healthy and travel

Step 5. Find a workout buddy / Make new friends

Now, I know when I was traveling I really didn't come across many other people that were working out whilst away. They were seeing it a like a 6 month holiday & many people were just there to drink & have fun. Which is absolutely fine, each to their own. Although I was definitely there to have fun, I find fun in a lot of activities other than just drinking.

I know when I drink I automatically become "best friends" with everybody around me, but let's be honest it usually is a very short & sweet friendship. I definitely find that my more 'real' friendships come from bonding over something you are truly passionate about, for me that is keeping fit & healthy whilst on the road. For you, it may be something else, but as long as you are true to yourself, then you'll find like minded people to have fun with.

Friends + Traveling = Super Duper Fun.


how to travel the world and stay healthy



Enjoy it! Don't forget life is all about BALANCE

At the end of the day this is most likely a once in a life time experience, or at least it is for most people. So make the most of it. Yes, health & fitness is important, but so is balance. As long as you keep the balance in your life you'll find your happy place. 


Love Annie 


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