How to set New Year resolutions and not fail

December 14, 2016

New Year resolutions are admittedly a most excellent way to get your life in gear whether it be to quit smoking or to see more of your loved ones. The question is how can we stick to them?
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The first fairly obvious thing I must point out before getting down to the nitty-gritty is you really have to want to achieve and see your resolution through. Take quitting smoking as an example, you are aware it is horrific for your health, teeth, skin etc, you listen to family and friends every day telling you to quit and you watch the price of a 20 pack increasing year by year BUT, do you actually want to quit or are you doing it for someone else?
New Year resolutions must be your choice, after all nobody can do it for you.
Be realistic, seriously. Try not to dream up some goal for the New Year after you have had a glass of wine or a beer, and tell yourself that come 2017 you will never touch a cigarette or a chocolate bar again. As humans we are creatures of habit and it takes at least 3 months for a habit to be broken. Your resolution should ease you into 2017 gently, so instead of never eating a chocolate bar again limit yourself, then after 3 months lower the limit. If you are choosing to join a gym in the New Year don't burn yourself out by going everyday and to every class; because in two weeks you'll be fed up exhausted and more than likely give up, remember this is a resolution you want to maintain and succeed at. 
Be prepared, in every way possible. No matter how big or small your resolution is you should still be prepared for the shift in your life. If you are choosing to see more of the world in 2017 start planning and researching now - mood boards are perfect for this. Maybe you are going to save more money in 2017, how much are you going to save? (Remembering what I said earlier though, be realistic!). Where are you going to save it? What are you saving for? If your resolution is something like weight loss or giving up alcohol, have you thought about mentally preparing yourself for how you may feel. Make sure you tell people who are close to you what you have planned for the New Year, that way they won't slip up by baking a big chocolate cake before you come over or offering you a cigarette whenever you go outside.
Be kind but be strict. Don't beat yourself up too much if you have a small relapse but do try to learn from it. That coffee you bought for £3.80, when you're meant to be saving to see the world could pay for two of your meals in Asia. That cream cake you just ate which I'm sure you enjoyed at the time has just earned you an extra spin class. You have to live and learn from your decisions, don't be annoyed and angry at yourself for slipping up but at the same time don't allow yourself to just get away with it. 
Be strong, it's all about willpower. Give yourself daily reminders of why you are doing this resolution - this could be a mood board you have put together, or an unflattering picture of yourself on the fridge. When you have those days when you want to give up and willpower is low - don't give up - talk to friends or family, someone who knows what and why you are setting this goal for 2017. Willpower can be found in many ways from a great song or movie to 30 minutes of mediation or exercise. 
We would love to hear if you guys have set yourself any resolutions for 2017 and if this helped.
We believe in you, love Grace and MyMantra xxx

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