How to Live More Consciously & Save the Earth - guest blog

November 27, 2017

"Although we are part of the cause, We can also be part of the solution"

- Bill Nye

How to eat more consciously & save the earth. Why would we need to do that some may ask? Well, let me tell you. We are ruining our beautiful planet. Our home that we have been given for free. Through the mass production of meat, dairy, fast fashion, plastic, & other things alike. You name it, we mass produce it. This causes all sorts of problems, including slave labor, high levels of greenhouse gases such as methane being produced, & water shortages. 

So where to start? Well if going plant-based isn't for you then there are definitely things you can do to eat more consciously without giving up meat/dairy. 



Shop Locally

Shopping locally not only helps support your local community & businesses, but it also helps our eco-system, by helping to keep pollution levels down. If we are buying less imported goods, that means less oil & chemical pollution is going into both the air & the ocean, which in turn is destroying our underwater world.

By shopping locally you are making a demand for the open green spaces in your area to be there. Which let's be honest, open air is always much better than confined space.

+ locally sources fruit & veg is picked at the peak of its ripeness as it doesn't have to travel anywhere, so it always tastes yummier I think.


how to live more consciously



Have a meat-free day

If you've watched Cowspiracy on Netflix you'll be aware of the fact that animal agriculture causes a very large amount of methane gas. This is one of the main causes of global warming, which is killing our oceans, melting our polar caps & dryin out our rainforests. Climate change is a serious issue, & it's something we can help slow down through the reduction of certain human activities including our forever growing meat & dairy industry. A forecast was recently done showing that if we all went vegan there would be a 28% decrease in greenhouse gasses, & obviously, the longer this went on, the bigger the decrease would be.

This table shows you how much CO2 production in kg CO2 equivalents per kg of meat depending on the animal:

1 kg of meat from

produces kg CO2e









Environmental Impacts of Food Production and Consumption.

Maybe you take one day a week where you go meat-free, or maybe you try one meal a day. It's up to you what you try, just remember every little helps. Plus eating meat at every meal of every day really isn't good for you. It contains high levels of saturated fat & is pumped full of chemicals & antibiotics. Find out more about this in my latest blog post Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet 



CLIMATE CHANGE 101 WITH BILL NYE Climate  Change is a real and serious issue. In this video, Bill Nye, the Science Guy, explains what causes climate change, how it affects our planet, why we need to act promptly to mitigate its effects, and how each of us can contribute to a solution.


Go Plastic Free

Plastic is one of the biggest global contaminators produced by man. We are literally poisoning ourselves & the world around us. We are currently producing 300 million tons of plastic every year & EVERY single piece of plastic that has ever been produced is still on the earth. A large percentage of this plastic now lives at the bottom of the ocean or inside the ocean animals in the form of microplastic. When we eat the ocean animals this microplastic goes into our systems, & as our bodies can't dissolve or utilize it, the theory is that it can be absorbed into our bloodstream. The effects of this on humankind are still being researched, but I can't imagine they are good. 


how to live more consciously


There are so many quick & easy ways you can reduce your plastic usage levels: 

  • Get your own awesome glass water bottle & coffee cup from SoL Cups
  • Take your own tote bag everywhere you go (I literally can't walk past a shop without going in, so this is a must for me)
  • Buy all your veggies & fruit without plastic on them. They have their own skin to protect them, there is no need to get an extra bag
  • Take your own Tupperware to work rather than using plastic boxes each time (working in hospitality, this is a big one for me & many others)
  • Make your own body wash/cleaning products - I'll be doing a post solely on this topic soon, so keep your eyes peeled or Subscribe Now so you don't miss it

Always pick glass or wood, not plastic. Plastic does not disintegrate! EVER!


Make Easy Swaps

There are so many easy life swaps you can do to help save the earth. 

  • Swap milk for almond/coconut/macadamia/soy
  • Swap the bus for your bike
  • Swap plastic to glass/wood/fabric 
  • Swap ice cream to sorbet
  • Swap exotic to local (food, clothes)
  • Swap butter to dairy free (it tastes exactly the same, no animals harmed)
  • Swap takeaway to sit in - enjoy life rather than running around constantly 
  • Swap milk chocolate to dark chocolate: less sugar & many are dairy free
  • Swap fast fashion for ethical fashion - it may be a little more expensive but the quality & idea behind it is definitely worth the extra money


how to live more consciously



Do your research before you hop on the Trend Train

Just because something is said to be healthy & is all over the health magazines, doesn't always mean it is the best thing. Think about it this way. When a superfood suddenly gets a lot of recognition very quickly it means the demand for this product will suddenly rise. This can either have a negative or a positive effect.

Have a read of these opposing blog posts & make a decision which you think is right.

Positive - It can bring wealth into a country 

Negative  - It can take a staple from the locals diet 

Although it can be great to try foods from other countries & explore different cuisines, make sure you do a little bit of research & find out if this is actually benefiting the people in these countries or actually causing more harm than good.


how to live more consciously




If you've read any of my latest blog posts you'll have noticed that there's a bit of a theme 

A number of events have led me to finally switching to a plant-based diet, including:

  • Moving to Byron Bay, Australia (pretty much the vegan capital)
  • Flying over & diving in the Great Barrier Reef (seeing the devastation our actions are having on the ocean)
  • Not being able to find a job & so having way too much time on my hands so watch documentaries such as Chasing Coral & a Plastic Ocean (you all need to watch these, they are so eye-opening)
  • Watching Jake catch some fish & almost puking thanks to the panic I felt seeing them struggle for air (that was the end of my fish eating days)
  • Visiting Byron Bay Farm & seeing all the cute baby cows & realizing I didn't want to take their milk away from them, let alone be responsible for the baby boy cows being slaughtered for veal as they can't produce milk.

& so you see, all these things led me to finally take the leap & turn Plant-Based.


how to live more consciously


Fresh in my Mind

What better time than to talk about it with you guys whilst it's fresh in my mind. The more I blog the more I realize I have much more to talk about than just health & fitness. Although health & fitness is a really important aspect of my life. I’ve decided I want a section where I can talk purely about the importance of others lives. & so the #planetlove series has been created.

#planetlove will be a series where I talk about ways in which we can help others & our planet, & what we as humans can do to be better people.

If this is something you yourself want from life then be sure to check it out & share the love. 

#planetlove ♡


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