How To Beat The Winter Blues & Stand On Top Of The World

December 03, 2016

November is upon us and the vibrant colours of autumn are a thing of the past. Winter's fingers are slowly creeping in, bringing with it cold and miserable days. Getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark can really mess with our wellbeing and state of mind. Try these helpful tips to ease your way and maybe even start to enjoy the dreaded "w" word.
First of all your days are going to feel shorter, you have limited day light so make the most of it. For example if your work requires you being inside all day make sure you go out to grab lunch or a coffee, even if you're saving the pennies and bringing your own lunch (very well done if you are) still make sure you wrap up and get outside, enjoy the cold air in your lungs and the daylight on your skin.
You absolutely must stay active! Now I understand this is easier said than done, after getting home from work in the dark the last thing you will feel like doing is heading out again. Don't give yourself the opportunity to make excuses, aim to get active straight from work, pack some delicious wintery snacks like peanut butter on crackers or Malt loaf then head straight to your Yoga class or whatever your choice is to kick winter in the butt.
The next little tip is something that I think a lot of people over look which is to stay hydrated. The immediate drink of choice as the air gets colder and the sky gets moodier is to grab a cup of tea or a hot chocolate, water will rarely be your go to. Remember that you will have your heating on or a fire going which will massively dehydrate your body, next time you go to put the kettle on have a glass of water with it too.
Then, speaking of heating - use it! Sitting in a cold house or not wrapping up properly will seriously affect your mood and mental state. When you feel cold you start to clench your jaw and tense your body, this causes the stress and anxiety levels in your body to rocket. Stay warm, stay relaxed.
Try your hardest to keep up with healthy eating, I realise salads won't be the most appealing option on a cold evening but try a warm salad with sweet potato, cous cous and seasonal veg instead, salads don't have to be lettuce leaves and cucumber. Try to think about the chemistry behind healthy eating, it will most definitely improve your blood circulation therefore keeping you warmer.
Plan something to look forward to, whether it be a weekend away or a holiday somewhere sunny. This gives you that drive to keep going and keep focused.
Don't isolate yourself, make sure as well as staying active that you see lots of your family and friends. Enjoy sitting in the pub next to a log burning fire complaining away to your friends over how you can't wait for spring to arrive, then order a sticky toffee pudding - you can treat yourself every now and then.
Make a playlist of your most favourite uplifting songs and blast them whenever and wherever you can, don't under estimate the power of music it can truly lift your mood in seconds.
Finally if you start to feel really down as the winter months move in make sure you seek help, don't suffer in silence. There are many ways you can gain help from alarm clocks that replicate the sun to help groups.
Stay bright, stay smiley and stay happy, even if the weather tells you something different.
Lots of warm and fuzzy stuff from Grace & MyMantra xxx

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