Health Hacks to Set Your Day Off Right

January 06, 2018

The old morning routine, different for everyone, yet some definitely work better than others.

Which One Is For You?

Now if you're anything like me, I like to get up & exercise at the start of the day. If I don't do it first thing in the morning, then I tend to not workout at all. I like to have it done and out of the way. That way I can then enjoy the rest of my day without thinking at the back of my head that I still have to muscle up the motivation to workout.

Now I wasn't always like this. There was a time where I would go to work & then workout just before bed. Although I slept better for it, I found I'd have too much energy so it would take me ages to get to sleep and then I would end up sleeping into the day too much.


-Maybe This Is The Right Time Of Day?

I have also gone through phases of work, gym, dinner and bed. That was probably my favourite as there was a great structure to my day. Also as I had just been to the gym I would then be way more inclined to eat a healthier dinner. Which was definitely beneficial in the long term of consuming fewer calories, as the evenings are my biggest downfall when it comes to overeating.

Whatever your aim I would definitely have a play around with which time of the day you go to the gym. It really can make all the difference.


Health Hacks

Wake Up at The Same Time Each Day

Once you get into a routine of waking up at the same time each day it can be so rewarding. Yes, it is important to make sure you're getting enough sleep, but having some extra time to yourself in the morning can make all the difference. Especially if you're busy with children or you always find yourself surrounded by others.

This point leads me perfectly to health hack #2


Take 5 mins | Just Sit & Collect Your Thoughts. 

A lot of the time, the word meditation can scare people off. I know that's what happened with me. After an unforgettably difficult meditation experience in Costa Rice, I never wanted to try it again. Until last year.

After joining the Living Consciously Crew Facebook group where one of the challenges was to give yourself 5mins a day just to close your eyes, quieten your mind & rest. I decided to give it a go. I did some research & decided that rather than just sitting there I would like to be guided through the experience, & so I downloaded the Headspace App. 

It was honestly one of the best things I did last year. They give you a free one month trial to give it a go and see how you find it. There are different times, different styles & different levels for you to work with & challenge your mind. I came to realise that I actually had a lot of frustration and stress within me. Which wasn't too surprising as I was working, studying, being active daily & sleeping way too little. The problem was I was taking it out on those closest to me.

Believe it or not, that 5mins a day actually took away a lot of the over thinking that comes with leading such a hectic life. It took away some of the pressure & let me think so much more clearly. It was actually throughout that time that my mind become most clear and focused in regards to what I wanted to achieve. 



Don't Look at Your Phone When You Exercise

This has been a massive one for me lately. Since changing my focus more to weight training rather than circuits, there are more breaks. Which means more Instagram time right? Wrong! 1min turns into 5mins and I realise I've been sat there doing bugger all. My heart rate has dropped along with the motivation and drive I came into the gym with. 

Which is why I decided to make a change. Apart from looking at my fitness app, I will not look at my phone at all during my workout sessions. This is actually a present to me this New Year. With all my blogging and online assessments, I seem to spend my life looking at a screen or living on social media. This way I am giving my self one hour a day away from it all. One hour a day just to focus on me. It really shouldn't be that difficult right? Well actually at the beginning it really was, which just proved to me even more so that it needed to be done. 

We are so addicted to technology and social media these days that it's kind of scary. I can't even tell you how many times I've stopped to scroll through Instagram since writing this blog post. Which is why I'm on a mission to cut it out. I've already made the decision to not look at my phone when I exercise or blog and I'm excited to see the positive impact these small changes are going to have. 

Give it a go, it honestly makes the world of difference. Not only at the gym or at school but also with relationships.


Start Your Day With A Healthy Balanced Breakfast


Now you hear people saying that you will gain weight if you don't eat breakfast. You also hear people talking about intermittent fasting and how cutting the hours of the day that you eat will help you lose weight too. At the end of the day, it's all about calories in VS calories out.


We also know that it's human nature to want to do what we are told not to. That is why I believe eating a healthy breakfast can be so beneficial. It stops you from binging on less healthy food later on in the day due to increased hunger. It prevents your body from going into starvation mode and then hanging on to the next thing you eat. The biggest benefit for me is that it also sets your mind up to have a healthy day. I find that if I get up and have a healthy breakfast I am way more motivated to eat on the right track throughout the day and also a lot more motivated to want to exercise and be kind to my body.



Jump out of bed in the Morning 

Since working in the evenings, I've spent my days blogging and doing my personal training online assessments. I've found the more double shifts I've been doing at work, the more on my days off I just stay in bed and do my online work. It's so easy for the hours to pass in a flash when doing online work. Suddenly it's the middle of the day and I haven't moved. Yes, I tend to surprisingly get quite a lot of work done, but I feel so gross for it. 

There are definitely more benefits of jumping out of bed first thing in the morning, having a shower, downing a bottle of water and then setting up to get your online work done.

  1. It honestly changes the way I eat throughout the day 
  2. I'm way more likely to take breaks by going for a walk or workout 
  3. I feel so much more productive and better about myself



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There are so many different ways you can start your day. It's crazy how much your morning routine can change the whole vibe. These a tips that have been working for me lately. Get in Touch & let us know yours! We'd love to hear them 



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