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Giveaway time in collaboration with the amazing @mymalanecklace

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Hey guys, we decided to team up with www.mymalanecklace.com and bring you an awesome GIVEAWAY. We are giving away a pair of our awesome leggings & our partners are giving away a bead bracelet of your choice. The giveaway is super simple & has been announced on Instagram + Facebook.
Feel free to Enter on whichever platform is the most convenient to you. 
So to enter this giveaway, simply choose your platform on our social media & follow these 2 steps.
1 - Follow both brands @mymantraactive & @mymalanecklace - for Instagram.
Or for Facebook you can follow both brands here - mymantraactive & mymalanecklace.
2 - Tag Tag Tag away like there's no tomorrow :) Let the world know that you'd really like to win.
We have also offered everyone a chance to WIN A MYSTERY GIFT. This option is only available on here. What is the rule? You simply have to tell us the funniest moment ever in your life. Let's fill the comments section bellow with laughter that will last us for weeks :)))
Positive Vibes from our team around the world.


ina plesca
ina plesca


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