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September 18, 2017

   "It's time to get those dancing shoes on girls, & go shake that peach with your bezzies."


 how to be active without knowing you're active


Now, I know that staying fit & healthy really isn't the easiest thing for a lot of us. I particularly find it difficult, & have to work very hard on a daily basis to stay in the shape I am in now, & even then there is still work to be done. "There's always room for improvement" some would say. That's not saying that I don't love my body. I appreciate everything it does & would love to reward it by staying fit & healthy. The only problem is my conflicting love for pizza, not that pizza is the enemy. As long as you've got balance in your life it's all good. Saying that some days pizza definitely wins. At least there's a good mixture of protein, fats & carbs on it right!?! That's what I tell myself anyway. 

I guess this is why I've come up with some of my favourite ways for staying fit & healthy, so I can still eat lots of pizza. These are also great to do whilst on the road & exploring the world. Or if you have kids, these are great for getting them involved. They are also super social activities, & fun things to do instead of going out drinking or eating. So I thought I would share them with you.


      "Adults can have fun too you know!"

 how to stay active in a fun way

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The Fun Things in Life

Dancing | Salsa

Salsa, who doesn't love a good salsa night. If living in Melbourne has taught me anything, It's that #SundaySalsa is a thing! & it's super duper fun. It's not only great for burning those calories, but it's a great way to socialize with the girls & catch up at the end of the week. The endorphins you get from dancing are great & if you get a good nights sleep you'll feel amazing & prepared for the week ahead. Just remember to stay hydrated, & I don't mean on the happy juice! Sometimes it's just fun to go out dancing. Alcohol doesn't always have to be involved.

Obviously, it doesn't have to be salsa & it doesn't have to be a Sunday, but #SundaySalsa does have a bit of a ring to it, don't you think? At the end of the day, any type of dancing on any day is great fun, & burns plenty of calories. So I think it's safe to say it's time to get those dancing shoes on girls, & go shake that peach with your bezzies ♡


surfing camps in Bali

Photo credit - New Horizon Escapes - Bali fitness retreat



Now, this is a hard one. I swear there literally is no gym training you can do to prepare you for how difficult surfing is. I get smacked down every time & it destroys my arms & shoulders for weeks on end.

Let me tell you something though, it's so worth it! There is nothing as exhilarating as the feeling of standing up on a board (especially that first time), & trust me, it can get VERY addictive! Plus you really will need to eat lots of yummy food after this one, to get your energy levels back on track, which is a pretty good benefit too. As food is life! 

It can be quite scary to start with, but it's a great way to keep fit and active, especially whilst traveling or on holiday. Plus it's definitely the best way to get that surfer style sun tan we all follow the sun around the world for (or at least I know I do). If you're lucky, you might even get stuck with getting a good looking instructor. Although falling off the surfboard over & over again with everything flying everywhere isn't exactly the most attractive look.

Check out New Horizon Escapes for a fitness & surfing retreat.

Bali retreat.

Sri Lanka retreat.


how to stay active without even knowing

Photo credit - http://morninggloryville.com


Morning Glory Ville

What is Morning Glory Ville? Well, let me tell you. Imagine a giant glitter covered rave + smoothies instead of alcohol, & a yoga area outside instead of a smoking area, & instead finishing at 5 am it starts at 5 am. It sounds amazing, right? Well, it is!

I went to one of these events a while back in London & OMG, it was so much fun. I mean the early morning start was a bit of a shock to the system, but you literally feel so amazing and refreshed for the rest of the day. What's not to love about going dancing first thing in the morning? + you're raising money for charity at the same time as having an absolute rave! I love it the whole concept & I know you will too!

These events pop up all over the world, so go check it out & find out if there's one coming your way (http://morninggloryville.com)


rock climbing on koh tao

Photo credit - New Horizon Escapes

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Rock Climbing

This one similar to surfing really is a killer for those arms & shoulders.

When I was in Cambodia a few months back, we went to a yoga & meditation retreat called Hariharalaya where they were in the middle of building a climbing wall (which you'll be happy to know is now complete, YEY). Anyway, we got to give it a trial run before it opened & it was so much fun. It was actually my first time in my adult life where I got to give this a go. 

I remember going to friends birthday parties back when I was younger & giving it a go. I think it's safe to say I was terribly bad, & definitely enjoyed the birthday cake more than the climbing. Although not much has changed, & I would probably still pick cake over climbing, I did thoroughly enjoy it & I'm definitely partial to giving it another go.  

♡ This one is great for getting the boys involved in being active (a good one for date night)

Want to mix in a fitness retreat with some rock climbing? Check out this active retreat with New Horizon Escapes on Koh Tao island.


stay active without trying too hard



I recently went to my friends 26th birthday party. Guess what we did!?! Yep, you got it. We went trampolining. It was so much fun! I feel like before I left London this was definitely the new craze, & I completely get why. It's fun, it's social, it's a great way to exercise, & the best part is you actually feel like a giant kid. I definitely slept well that night after all that bouncing around & front flipping all over the place.

This is the one I went to in London: Oxygen Freejumping but they are honestly starting to pop up all over the place, so make sure you get yourself bouncing around in searching of some jumping fun. Adults can have fun too you know!




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