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Digital nomads - what does this even mean?

I have to be honest when Ina emailed this title through for my next blog I was a little baffled - I'd never heard this term before, "digital nomads" - however, times are changing and so are the way we do things - some for the better and some maybe not so much; we have evolved technology and medicine to a level 20 years ago we didn't believe possible, travelling is much more accessible, new words are in the dictionary along with writing letters and working a 9-5 job becoming things of the past. The problem seems to be the speed in which it is all moving at, we must learn to adapt and ensure we don't get left behind. 
So let's pick this new word apart a little bit "digital nomad", we all know what digital means however the history of the word nomad is rather interesting. The word nomad comes from a Greek word that means one who wanders for pasture, current nomads have had to adapt to modern day living, however hundreds of years ago nomads would live like hunter gatherers - wherever crops were ripe and livestock was thriving this is where you would find them - moving from one spot to another they would exhaust one area of land before moving onto the next. 
So what does digital have to do with nomad? 
After much reading and research it turns out there might be a little digital nomad in us all. Bloggers for example are digital nomads, they have their eyes constantly fixed on the same computer screen yet their bodies can move all over the world. Any topic they're writing about can be researched on their laptop and anyone they need to stay in touch with can be done using email, Skype or any social media, take your pick! There is a huge shift happening in the way people are choosing to work and this seems to be at the very top. People are choosing to be in control of their own lives by deciding when and where they work, it's very common for digital nomads to not only change cities in which they're working from but change countries too, purely by staying online. The digital nomad community is growing every second with people realising that work life doesn't have to be repetitive. 
Of course like everything in life there are some negatives to being a digital nomad, like the fact that everything's digital so you sometimes forget to actually speak to people, or how hard it can be to just get started - there's no interview or set working hours so you must be self disciplined and really believe in what you're building. You will have days when you realise you have been sat in the same cafe for 4 hours using their wifi and only ordered a glass of water. 
Weighing up the pros and cons as well as reading through other people's opinions there is one other amazing thing I have learnt about this community - the support, advice and confidence digitally being passed to one another. Some of you may see this as antisocial behaviour, however from what I have seen and read this way of working seems to be bringing people closer together. Whether you believe being online is a curse or a blessing I think it's clear to see it is opening doors of opportunity for people globally. 
Stay connected & if you're a digital nomad comment below & tell us what you do.

Grace Mullany
Grace Mullany


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