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Coco Loops + The Best Vegan Protein Smoothie Bowl Recipe Out There

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Eco Friendly Tropical Yoga Mat available here - can be used as a breakfast table ;)
My wild love for smoothie bowls started in Australia when I used to live there for a short period of time, before my brother decided to be selfish enough & get married so we had to fly back (just kidding of course). We left Australia & decided not to bother going back, as our working holiday visa was coming close to an end & London seemed a much more appealing option than applying for a 2nd year of Australian visa and having to work on a farm for 3 months. 
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Did I miss my smoothie bowls? You bet. 
This time round we have relocated to a tropical island in Thailand called Koh Samui (which is where our second Mantra Hub is) & I had promised myself to get back into making gorgeous healthy foods & sharing it with the world again.  So seeing as I made this commitment in 2017, I decided to start with smoothie bowls. 
Please welcome my 1st smoothie bowl of the year & my first ever experience with COCO LOOPS. I believe that we have to live a balanced life, so that's where the balance comes in the form of Coco LOOPS ;) I don't eat sugary cereal, not even granola so that's why I like to treat myself every now & again. If you can't enjoy life, then what's the point in living?
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Eco Friendly Tropical Yoga Mat available here - can be used as a breakfast table ;)
Can you also believe I never had Cocoa Pops or Loops or any other type in my life? "Well it was now or never" I thought to myself as I was staring at the Coco Loops box on the supermarket shelf.
YOLO right? 
I came home, had a handful of Cocoa Loops first before starting to throw things in a bowl.
P.S - I am terrible at following recipes/ I don't measure & guess most of the time. I see something I love the look of & try to recreate the healthier version of that.
For this easy recipe you will need:
The Base
2 Frozen Bananas
6-8 cubes of ice
Coconut milk (I hardly measure, so just make sure you add milk until it's runny)
1 Scoop of Vegan protein (or any other/or none).
The toppings
Cocoa Loops
Peanut Butter
Salted & Roasted Peanuts
Coconut Chips
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How it's done
1 - You will need a good blender/mixer. I broke a few blenders before so this time I bought a commercial one (ok I may or may not have tried to make peanut butter;)
2 - Add the frozen bananas and coconut milk & blend it until smooth
3 - Add the protein if you're using any + blend for 30 sec more
4 - Scoop into a bowl
5 - Go crazy with toppings
6 - Share with no one, it's bloody delicious ;)
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