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Christmas gift ideas of our favourite items in store

November 10, 2018

We've just returned back to the UK after a year of travelling around the world and we must say, we love the Christmas spirit already, even though it's only november. Yes we are those people that will go to farm shops to look around all the Christmas decorations and get excited about the festive season. With that being said, you all need some gift ideas for your loved ones right? Here are the best pieces we believe will do well under the Christmas tree. Failing that, you always have the safest gift, a gift card.
Our coral bikini and matching leggings are that extra special gift you could give someone who loves the sea. We've teamed up with Great Barrier Reef Foundation to be giving away 20% of the profits to protect the seas. This would be the perfect gift for someone eco conscious.
eco friendly christmas gift ideas for eco people
eco friendly active leggings in the UK
eco friendly bikini uk
Our water ripples set is actually quite an exciting gift idea. The bikini is reversible to two different prints of the ocean. You can see both of the prints below.
eco friendly active wear in the uk
reversible ocean bikini uk eco friendly reversible bikini uk
leggings made from recycled plastic bottles uk
This set will you get you dreaming of the tropics. This print has been a winner all along since we launched it and it's almost sold out. Grab it now before it's gone for good. All the fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles.
eco friendly active wear brand in the UK
jungle print bikini uk, tropical print bikini uk jungle print leggings uk, tropical print leggings uk
The Earth set is perfect for the winter days. Our leggings and long sleeved mesh top will keep you nice and warm during those cold winter days. Light weight, comfy and easy to move in, this set is made to keep you active.
eco friendly active wear clothes uk
grey marble leggings uk, eco friendly leggings uk, eco active wear brand uk  
Our Gold Dust set is no ordinary marble print. With black marble and gold sprinkled all over, this set will stand out beautifully wherever you go. The swim suit is reversible to plain black and is perfect for both holidays and your local swimming pool. The leggings have mesh built in them, they're super comfy and breathable and made from recycled plastic bottle fabric.
eco friendly swim suit uk, eco active wear, eco bikini uk
marble print swim suit uk, marble bikini uk, reversible swim suit uk, reversible eco swim suit uk
eco friendly marble leggings uk, marble leggings uk, eco friendly active wear uk
Here are a few winter long sleeved jumpers and tops that will keep them warm this winter.
Baggy and comfy women's long sleeved top uk
casual and baggy training top uk, baggy training top for women
cosy sweat shirt uk, womens gym sweat shirt uk
chunky knit eco jumper, fair trade knitted jumper

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