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Cheesy Vegetarian Quesadillas - Veggie Loaded & Yummy Quesadillas

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Veggie loaded quesadillas - heaven on earth & ready in under 10 minutes.
Perfect recipe to make after a busy day at work or to take away as lunch. 
1 tortilla
1 tomato
Cajun seasoning
1 - Roast the broccoli in some olive oil & sprinkle with cajun seasoning
2 - Layer the sliced tomatoes, roasted broccoli, cheese & sliced avocado on one 1/2 of the tortilla
3 - Fold tortilla in half & pan bake it in a tiny bit of olive oil
4 - Slice in half/ or 4 slices
5 - Enjoy a guilt free Quesadilla & have a 1/2 of mango as dessert after
Roasted broccoli
Sliced tomatoes
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ina plesca
ina plesca


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