"But we can dream.... Right???"

February 05, 2018

the icebergs bondi beach


We Can Dream!

Have you ever wanted to get blond dreadlocks, learn how to surf, and drive a hippy van up the East Coast of Australia? I have. That was literally my dream since I left school. I honestly have no idea where that dream came from (most likely from watching too much Home and Away). I was obsessed!

After leaving school, doing an Art Foundation, and getting a degree under my belt in Fine Art (Print & Time-Based Media) (no I don't know what I'm going to do with that) I decided it was finally time to set off on my mission to travel the world.

We flipped a coin, South America and Canada or South East Asia and Australia. There was our answer right in front of our eyes. We were off to South East Asia and Australia.


26th September 2016

So off we went on our trip around the world. 7months in South East Asia, a year in Australia, and now next month we are moving to New Zealand. Hopefully stopping off in Sri Lanka, Fiji and South Africa before heading back home to the UK. Then starting in South America and working our way up to Canada. That's the plan. Whether it will work out that way who knows, but we can dream right!?!


east coast of australia



Let's Timehop

Fast forward to the 10th March 2017


Think London but friendlier people, more sun, more blue skies and way more space, oh and last but not least way better coffee. Literally the coolest city ever! Go, you'll love it.

As you can probably tell, I completely fell in love with Melbs.

It's funny when we left England I was adamant I would want to live on a tiny island in South East Asia and would hate Australia. Although I adored Asia I was so ready to get back to a routine and staying in one place rather than moving around every two days. It turns out I adore Australia more than I ever thought I would. People did warn me, I really should start listening.

After staying in Melbs a month longer than we intended, we finally started our road trip.



30th September 2017

The East Coast of Australia

Melbourne to Cape Tribulation - 8196km / 5093miles

(A very long drive for a very little Annie)

We gave ourselves 1month to drive up the East Coast of Australia and find somewhere else to live along the way. It was kinda scary, to say the least. We packed absolutely everything we owned into the back of a rented station wagon, including our mattress, and off we went.

Night 1 lake tyres Beach

Night 2/3 Mystery Bay - We Saw whales! 

Night 4 Coledale Beach Park

Night 5/6 Cronulla Beach Car Park - We fell in love, waking up to the waves

Night 7/8 Terrigal (The Haven)

Night 9 Cresent head (Waves Campsite)

Night 10-16 Byron Bay - WE FOUND SOMEWHERE TO LIVE!

Night 17/18 Noosa - Great Shopping!

Night 19/20 Bundaberg (Oakwood caravan) - Stuck in Floods, pretty scary

Night 21 Flaggy rock community centre

Night 22 Townsville (Rowes Bay Beachfront Holiday Park)

Night 23/24 big4 Cairns Crystal Cascades Holiday Park - Flew and dived the Great Barrier Reef

Night 25 Tropic Breeze (Port Douglas) - WE HIT THE TOP - total drive = 8196km / 5093miles ON MY OWN!

Night 26/27 big4 Cairns Crystal Cascades - Staying in the Jungle Rocked! 

Night 28 Woodlands holiday park (Townsville)

Night 29 Flaggy rock community centre

Night 30 Captain cook holiday village

Night 31 Rivershore resort big4 - Just a bit of luxury

Back to Byron Bay and into a real house! The car stank so bad by the end, and I was definitely ready for a real bed.



31st October 2017

Byron Bay/Suffolk Park

It's funny how hooked I get on places. I've always called myself a city girl. I guess because I prefer all the buzz to it more than the countryside, but I've never lived by the sea before. That kinda of changes everything! It was so sad leaving Melbourne, but I feel like I've got here and love it more than ever. There's such a sense of community, which I guess I've never experienced before.


The Future

10th March 2018

New Zealand Bound

I'm absolutely devastated to be leaving in less than a month now, but it's time to move on and start new adventures. I'm gutted that we didn't do our farm work and so we actually have to leave. My Top Tip is to just get it done, you never know how you can fall in love with a place. Maybe I love it more because I know I have to leave, I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The best gift you can give yourself in life is to push the boundaries and explore. Learn to look forward to the unexpected.

Don't forget to stay posted to keep up to date on the next chapter of my travels!



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