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November 23, 2016

black friday activewear uk
BLACK FRIDAY is finally here at My Mantra Active. We decided to launch our SALE nice & early this year so we can give you extra time to shop your favourite designs from our web. Our sale will be ending on Monday & if you're already a huge fan of ours & plan to spend a considerate amount of time browsing our web - THUMBS UP you're the absolute BEST & we totally love you :)
black friday sale uk active leggings
If you're new & not too convinced, we would like to also add that we will be giving away a small gift to everyone who's ordering from us during this HUGE SALE. We take pride in our brand & we do so by personalising each & every single parcel - you will see what we mean when you receive yours ;) We won't say anything else, because we want you to experience the brand for yourself. Feel free to shop & browse and if there are any questions at all, please fell free to chat to us via any of these channels.
Enjoy our offers below & share your purchase with via social media, we would love to see what you got :)
Here we go - 
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2 - Email -
3 - Instagram - @mymantraactive
4 - Facebook Chat - My Mantra Active
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