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March 23, 2017

how to start your day like a pro
Let's be honest, we all like to snooze that alarm button as soon as it rings in the morning & just turn on the other side while pretending we have no job to attend, a workout to do & other daily tasks.
So I'm sure you've already heard of such things as morning rituals & how they are very beneficial for productivity, feeling positive & feeling happy. With the following steps, I'm sure that you too, will be excited about that much dreaded Monday morning. 
Stop scrolling Instagram in bed & get some rest. When you're fully rested your energy levels will allow you to be a BOSS throughout your day. Who wants to be lethargic, low on energy & pissed off at the world all day? Make a change, get in bed early & sleep well. Sleep also helps your body recover from workouts & general daily activities. If you're struggling to get off social media, give yourself a time & turn your phone on flight mode. Every time you will go back to check your social media you will realise that your phone is off. This is my little secret anyway & I even apply this golden rule throughout the day. It has massively improved my productivity and head space.
morning exercise
Ok I know many of you will say but that's not a fun thing to do first thing in the morning. What if I told you that your morning workouts set you up for a successful & super energetic day ahead? Not only do you get to kick butt first thing in the morning but also you get to go home straight after work & relax on the sofa. Can't make it to a gym that early? I'm sure Kayla Itsiness will help you out with her awesome online programmes. If you want FREE workouts, YouTube is bursting at the seams. Vary your workouts daily so you stay interested & challenged. 
Do you lay in bed at night, dreaming about what you're going to make for breakfast the following day? If you don't, you're doing it all wrong. Make sure to always plan something for breakfast that you're really excited about. How about a healthy oats pancake stack with peanut butter and berries? Mmmmm...
Try our healthy fave recipe
Add the following to a blender.
1 Banana
3 Tbs of oats
1/2 scoop of protein
1egg & 2 whites
1/2 tsp
Enough water to make the mixture runny
Once blended, add to a frying pan and then go crazy with the toppings.
healthy protein oats
Everyone will have their own morning habits. If you're someone who craves a caffeine kick in the morning, then coffee/tea is your best friend. Why not go to the supermarket & get a few different packs of coffees from around the world? I once had Ecuadorian, Honduras, Kenyan & Hawaiian coffee in my cupboard - kept me very excited to try all of them.
Even though my dailyl ritual involves a cup of coffee with coconut milk, I always start the day with a large glass of water & lemon first. Your body needs the hydration & a gentle one to begin with. Have coffee before leaving the house.
Your awesome day needs some awesome clothes. Did you notice that when you wear something new & you love your outfit, your confidence levels rise through the roof? The same goes for make up. Put a little mascara & some bronzer on, and everyone will think you've gone on holiday over the weekend, because you'll be radiating so much confidence. 
marble leggings, blue marble leggings
I very often practice mindfulness first thing in the morning. I find that with meditation my body starts to fall back asleep, so mindfulness is perfect. As you're holding your cup of coffee or tea, close your eyes and think about all the positive things that are happening in your life right now. Think about the people you're grateful to be surrounded with. Think about one thing you love about your job or anything that gives you butterflies of excitement. Your mind will reach a level where it can't be touched by negativity. So start the day a little bit earlier & allow yourself the time to slowly wake up.
You are probably going to stop reading this blog right here, right now but believe me when I say, checking your social media first thing in the morning will fill you up with information that you're not ready to receive. Your morning ritual is all about you and not the people you follow on Instagram. The world won't end there and then and you can check your social media on the way to work, at lunch or even dinner. Give your brain the chance to restore itself without any of the outside information.
Ok ok, you're probably thinking oh what's next... First meditation and now self talk. First hear me out and then decide wether you want to add this to your morning ritual. Self talk is one of the most important things you can do for a more positive & happy you. How often is it that when you do something silly you call yourself bad names, and then you feel like your day kind of heads that way?
Wake up in the morning, look in the mirror & start calling yourself loads of positive names. I'm beautiful, I'm strong, I'm smart, I'm creative, I'm kind, I'm fearless, I'm unique. The words I AM are the most important words in the world. You are what you say you are, so BE FRIKING AWESOME & tell yourself that, even when you've done something silly.
blue yoga leggings, watercolour yoga leggings
If you live with someone, a partner or a friend you will notice how the morning vibes are not at their strongest. You kind of want to just go out there, make your coffee and ignore everyone - including your boyfriend. How about you change your routine slightly? When you wake up give your boyfriend a BIG HUG & a kiss and tell him good morning & how much you love him. If you live with room mates & you're close to them, give them a big hug and a warm smile and tell them good morning. If you have a dog, your life is simplified by about 1000, because doggie smooches are the best. If you live alone, why not text your mum, dad, sister, nan or best friend good morning and wish them a great day? When you give, you feel very positive about yourself. Start the day by making someone else happy first.
10 - CALM
Stay calm and collected no matter what. Don't rush you coffee, or breakfast or make up. You will end up getting really wound up about yourself, leave in a hurry and probably forget something behind. Remember to keep the calm going, even when you get on the tube/train/bus. Listen to some music, or a podcast, read a book or simply close your eyes and observe the noise around you but don't take part in any of it. You are not even there, your body and mind should be so relaxed that you should feel like you're laying on a beach somewhere exotic. If you keep calm and collected, the people you deal with and the rest of the day will respond in the same way to you.
koh samui aerial shot
I hope my 10 daily rituals become really helpful to you. I do these on a daily basis to increase productivity for the brand, to wake up slowly & peacefully, to create inner happiness & wellbeing, to prepare myself for my morning workout & for the rest of the day ahead. These 10 steps may not be your exact morning rituals, and that's ok. We are all very unique human beings.
I wish you all happy & beautiful mornings.
Go get it tigers :)
flat lay, founder of my mantra active
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