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How to travel to 214 cities - guest blog by Wood & Luxe

Do you sometimes follow someone's social media account & wonder how on earth they've managed to visit 40 countries & 214 cities while you struggle to make it to London for a day trip? Well you're in for a treat because today's guest blog is that exact person who's visited 40 countries, 214 cities & has 155 passport stamps. We met Phoebe on Instagram & of course jumped at the opportunity to grab her for a coffee & find the ins & outs of how to travel & still manage to live life.

If you visit Phoebe's blog, you'll get lost between pages & pages of blue waters, far away destinations, yoga & everything wanderlust. Don't forget to take a break & eat in between reading, because you'll be lost on her blog for hrs just like us. 

So here we go, Phoebe reveals it all - are you ready?


- Hi Phoebe thanks for taking your time to be on our blog as a guest. So tell us more, about your birthplace to start with?

I was born in Sydney, Australia in a beachside town called Cronulla. There are over 15 different beaches here so I've always felt at home being close to the ocean. 


 - At what stage in life did you realise that you're a gypsy at heart?
 I never travelled overseas with my parents growing up but we did always go on adventures in Australia. At the age of 16, I went to Japan as part of my Japanese course at school. It was then on this trip that I realised there was such a big world out there and I wanted to explore every part of it. I then decided to study international business at University in the hope my career would take me overseas. 
 - On your blog www.woodandluxe.com it says that you have been to 214 cities, 40 countries & 142 passport stamps, wow that is just wow. So please share with us the journey, how long did this take you?
As mentioned above my first overseas adventure was at 16 and I am now 32. So it has taken me 16 years to clock up that amount of countries and cities. At the age of 18 I moved to a ski town in Utah, USA for 6 months working/holiday in the ski fields. The following year I did the same thing, From then on, each year I would plan a big 6 week trip each year ticking off more and more countries and adventures. It was only when I turned 30, I sold all my belongings and moved to London to be closer to the rest of the world. This is when I started to visit a lot more countries on a regular basis.
- One thing that's on everyone's mind is how can you afford to travel? How do you fund your luxury travels? Did you perhaps discover a hidden treasure on a deserted pirate island?
 I wish I could say I found a big pot of pirate gold when I was scuba diving in Turkey or that I was lucky enough to inherit a big load of money. But unfortunately not.  Shoes and clothes are some people's weaknesses, mine is travel. So instead of buying those new pair of heels or a brand new car, I would invest in memories that I make overseas. Even though it looks like I travel full time, I am also a freelance marketing consultant and vinyasa yoga teacher. So I have clients in London and Australia that I can service anywhere in the world which is the beauty of digital and social media marketing. However, the larger my audience has grown, the more complementary opportunities and press trips have come about. But up until then, it was all paid for by myself. 
 - What country do you spend most of your time in? 
Currently I reside in London where I have a base with my boyfriend. It's super easy to get almost everywhere (except Australia where I was born).
- So we know that you love yoga & you always do yoga in every country you visit & languages you don't understand. Which country do you prefer when it comes to yoga?
For an authentic experience, my trip to India & Sri Lanka were definitely amazing places to practice yoga. I had a private lesson at a yoga retreat that is situated in a tea plantation in Sri Lanka - and it was absolutely magical.
- Do you find travelling & staying fit difficult? 
Yes and no. It's hard to always have access to green juices and find a local yoga centre. I usually try to be active as much as possible. Whether that be hiking, paddle boarding or opting to walk as my mode of transportation. The beauty of having a yoga practice is you can start every day with a morning vinyasa flow that will set you up for the day.
- How do you challenge yourself?
 Whether it be a new course, new style of yoga or pushing myself to go and network, I always like a bit of a challenge. At the moment my challenge is fitting is balancing my clients, yoga teaching, travel blogging and making time for a social life. But I love everything I do.
 - Do you ever get tired of travelling?
Yes of course. Sometimes you crave a whole day in the lounge watching back to back GOT episodes in your PJs.  
 - Let's say someone dreams of starting to travel the world, but they have no money; where should they start? Start a blog! Anyone can do it. When I started mine, it did not look like it does today and was called something completely different. Pick a niche, make sure you're passionate about it and just start writing! 
- If you had one piece of advise for new travellers what would it be?
 Pick your travel buddies wisely. A trip can be ruined if you travel with the wrong personalities.
 - Give us an insight into what 2016 is looking like for you? 
Already this year, I've been to Brazil, skiing in Austria and to a quick visit to the South of France. Next week in off to Bulgaria on a press trip, skiing in France the week after as well as trips to Cornwall, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro.  I've also got my first Wood & Luxe hiking & yoga retreat in Germany so stay tuned! 
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