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Introducing new collection - "wild warrior"

Introducing "Wild Warrior" collection.

Every woman has that warrior inside her that will fight for what she wants, fiercely protect those she loves and to thrive at life. 
This collection is all about being bold, about being fierce and believing in yourself to achieve above and beyond whatever you set your mind to! We've got sharp lines and strong colours in this collection to make you feel in control, to make you feel like you can rule the world. 
Ignite that spark and be the best friend, partner, daughter, sister, mother but, most importantly, the best version of YOU! 
You are strong. You are powerful. You have energy, life force, bubbling inside of you - harness it and direct it towards fulfilling your dreams. The time is now. Empower yourself. Empower those around you. 
I can. I will. Watch me..I am strong..I am a wild warrior!!! 

ina plesca
ina plesca


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