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December 02, 2015

GUEST BLOG BY Jaclyn Gabbert

Back in sunny Colorado, where I moved to England from, I was actively involved in the studio that my friend and fellow yogi owned! When I came to England, I was hoping to find someone who was as passionate about fitness, photography, and well, fun leggings, as I am! Having been stalking a funky pair of leggings I had my eye on for a few weeks, I decided to send MyMantra an email to see if they needed any help with taking photos for their website! I got a response from the lovely Ina (the founder), and we decided to go ice skating at Swarovski Ice Rink in front of the Natural History Museum. 
I slipped on my gorgeous pants early that morning, got on the earliest bus to London, and headed straight for the rink! I had not gone ice skating since longer than I can even remember and realised that I may have been overly confident in my acceptance to skate, but I was totally up for the challenge. That's what life is all about, though, right? Doing things outside of your comfort zone, saying YES, and connecting with like-minded people is what living in the moment means. I got out there on the ice to find that I was still just as mediocre as I always have been at skating and it was still JUST as fun! 
I skated around for about a half an hour while Ina took some hilariously uncoordinated photos of me and then we headed up to the cafe above the rink. Over a rewardingly warm cup of coffee, we talked about life, travel, the environment, fitness, and just how small the world can really be when you think about it.
When I left I felt so inspired. I was inspired to only surround myself with people who add something to my life. I was inspired to be the best that I can be every day, do whatever it takes to live the happiest life I can live, never be afraid to experience the world, take care of my body to the best of my ability, and never let anyone tell me that I can't do something. Life is all about saying yes. If Ina did not want to meet up, I would have never had this epiphany and inspiration to fill my life with all things good. We are definitely going to do this again, wherever it may be. 
If there is one lesson that can be learned from that day, it's that life is short, buy the leggings. 

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