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How Plastic Bottles Are Turned Into Your Leggings

We all know that this world needs saving and we all know that we need to be active in order to stay healthy, but how do you save the world & stay active? You start investing in clothing that's made in a much more eco way than usual. So what is this business about plastic bottles being turned into active wear? I'd would like to take you behind the scenes & explain to you a little bit more about the whole process & why I think you should start investing in Eco Friendly clothing. 
So it all starts from the moment where you chose to recycle your plastic bottles in your correct bins.
These bottles are sorted at a recycling facility and bundled together in large bales.  The bales of bottles are then taken to a PET reclaiming facility. The bottles are thoroughly cleaned, the labels and caps are removed, and the bottles are separated by colour (all the clear bottles will produce a white-ish polyester yarn and the green bottles produce a green-ish yarn).
Once they're sorted, the bottles go into a grinder where they are shredded into small flakes. The flakes are then put in hot air to give them a hard candy coating and then dried to remove any remaining moisture. Next, the dry, crispy flakes are put through hot pipes to melt them into a thick liquid. That liquid gets filtered through a dye plate with 68 tiny holes. As the liquid polyester flows through the holes, it forms filaments that are more than five times finer than human hair. The filaments pool and harden and are then sent over rollers where air entangles the filaments to create a dental floss-like yarn. The machine spools the yarn and then pulls it over hot metal rollers to stretch it and realign the polyester molecules. The resulting yarn is ready to be woven into polyester clothing.
So now that you know what plastic bottles can do, I hope that you start recycling more, saving the planet from more plastic being made & investing into activewear that's made with two purposes;
1 - Keeping the planet greener
2 - Encouraging you to get active
Our new collection is made from recycled plastic bottles & it's available for PRE ORDER.
Love & Light
Ina & the team

ina plesca
ina plesca


2 Responses

Aimee Maschhoff
Aimee Maschhoff

March 17, 2016

Super interesting! Thanks for sharing that!!


October 11, 2015

This is so interesting thank you for sharing! It’s good to know that we are doing something to deal with all the plastic we’ve created!

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