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You've Helped Us Donate 50 Pairs Of Shoes - Soles4Souls

For all those that follow our blog on a regular basis, you will be well aware that each month MyMantraactive finds a charity to donate to.. The time has arrived once again!
So this months chosen charity is Soles4Souls.
But before we tell you more about Soles4Souls, we have some very exciting news to share with you.. We have a new member of our "MantraFamily" a lovely lady we introduced you to last month, who was our guest blog writer "Nic". She has kindly taken on the challenge to run our charity "Mantragooddeeds" and so will be both choosing our charity each month, writing the blog as well as promoting through Social Media..
We are very excited to welcome her to our family and we hope you will support both her and our charity "Mantragooddeeds"
So here she is.....
Hello again everyone, it is with much excitement and honour I took up this challenge and opportunity to be a part of  the My Mantra Family and be in charge of their amazing charity.. I hope you will support "Mantragooddeeds" and follow my adventures as the "MyMantraFamily" help to spread some love and light into the world. You can all help me do this, by a simple "RandomActofKindness" everyday, put a smile on someone's face, share some love it really is that simple....
Right, our chosen charity this month is Soles4Souls, founded as a disaster relief organisation after shoes were provided to those most affected by the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It was officially formed as a non-profit global social enterprise in 2006, committed to fighting poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes..
1.2 Billion people live on less than 0.82p ($1.25) a day. 400 Million of these are children, many not having access to one of life's basic essentials - shoes.
In developing nations, the primary mode of transportation is walking, with no shoes these people are exposed to many deadly diseases some are fatal.. This therefore means walking with no shoes completely impractical and almost impossible in most cases, excluding communities from attending school and work. No shoes means no education, thus continuing the poverty cycle..
By providing shoes, Soles4Souls assist communities into lifting themselves out of poverty. Shoes today means a successful future starting tomorrow..
So why Soles4Souls...? 16th October 2015 is #BareFoot4Them Day organised by Soles4Souls, when people worldwide go Barefoot for a day by choice to highlight poverty and the many millions who have no shoes..
As you will know if you read last months charity blog, my barefeet featured! My love of "no shoes" began in my childhood, my parents used to put shoes and socks on me only to find them rather quickly removed! I love being barefoot, this is however my personal choice, millions worldwide are not that fortunate.
Which is why on 16th October I will be going bare foot for them.. Why not join me, embrace your barefeet, join the movement and go #BareFoot4Them. We will be posting pictures on Social Media that day of our barefeet; if you're doing yoga, which we all know is done barefoot, snap your feet, use hashtag #Barefoot4Them and tag @Soles4Souls (Twitter and Instagram) and join the MyMantraFamily as we support Soles4Souls!
If you want any further information on BareFoot4Them Day, to make a donation or find out more about their amazing work, check out their website soles4souls.org
See you next Month! Love and Light Nic..

ina plesca
ina plesca


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