What's Your Wildest Dream - Nature's Candy Giveaway

September 18, 2015 8 Comments

Some Of The Best Answers Today
The answers for Nature's Candy giveaway are simply pouring in with loads of dreams, hopes & love. The question is simple, the answers are BIG.
 What's Your Wildest Dream? 
ELLYSENLY - "My wildest dream is to be an Astronaut and do some asanas on the moon.."
SARA - "My wildest dream is to go through life being present as often as possible"
SONYA - "My wildest dream, though hopefully one day may be a reality, is to live on an animal sanctuary"

JESSICA - "My wildest dream is to start my own business so I could have more time with my family and to do the things I love, like yoga, traveling and photography"
TAYLOR - "My wildest dream would have to be learning to surf"
SOFIA -  "My wildest dream right now would be, to win one of these giveaways, do yoga by the PYRAMIDS here in Egypt & send you the photos"
COURTNEY - "My dream is simple. I dream of a world where my son can safely grow to become an old man, without the threat of an armed gunman cutting his life short in school; without the fear of armed militants exacting their perceived justice on him because of the color of his skin, his country of origin, religion or lack thereof; without the worry that his neighbors – domestic or international – wouldn’t help him if he found himself in dire need. In my wildest dream, the world is a kind enough place that our children will all grow old"

Keep Those Wild Dreams Coming, We Love Reading Them

8 Responses


September 30, 2015

Ok, so you said wild right?! I try my hardest to fight my little eco-warrior battle wherever I can. All the time I try to make consumer choices that ripple positivity into the world around me. My ULTIMATE dream would be to be able to live totally zero waste and carbon neutral. Seems crazy? I’m working on it, one day it will be possible! Can’t wait! Dream big ❤

Emma Hrabovsky
Emma Hrabovsky

September 29, 2015

My wildest dream is to take a year off after I graduate college and focus solely on hiking and traveling around the world. I would love to go to colorado and spend some time there to hike Rocky Mountain National park. I really want to go to my first yoga retreat as well:)

Jemma Jeffs
Jemma Jeffs

September 24, 2015

As a little girl, it was to stand on stage with my rock and roll idol’s -Queen.
Last year I did that! Dressed as Fred! I was fearful afterwards of how I would feel once an ultimate dream was lived..
All it did was breathe fire into my other passions, it made me realize everyday, another dream can be met. It gave me the fuel in my fire to go in and take wild steps into the unknown and shed light of shadows of self doubt and fear. I went on tho complete my yoga teacher training and now my ultimate dream is to make a difference to someone’s life. I want to study in yoga Therapy and help those who need a little self love and confidence. Those who may live in similar shadows or worse. My ultimate dream is to use my passion in yoga to help youth in NZ. The suicide rate is scary. Anxiety and depression is creeping in at such an early age and I dream to help at least one other with the rich benefits of yoga. X

Emma Latorraca
Emma Latorraca

September 22, 2015

My wildest dream is to move to somewhere like Italy or Greece, spend my days growing the food I’m going to eat; eating fresh, living simple, doing yoga on the beach and exploring my surroundings with my family. What I crave is the simple life!


September 22, 2015

My Wildest Dream would be to have the power of giving happiness all around the world just with a smile, and to speak all the langages who exists!


September 21, 2015

My wildest dream would be to travel the world helping people & animals in need and raise awareness about the environment in a world free of judgement. Where I can wake up and not hate my body. To find a way to better myself whilst loving myself at the same time!


September 20, 2015

I want to be an ultra marathon running drag queen who runs a honey bee farm. <3


September 19, 2015

This year I started chasing my wildest dreams and started turning them into reality. I completed my first yoga teacher training in Hong Kong whilst training 29km Queen Liliuokalani Iron Canoe in Hawaii. I finished both in the same week. I didn’t even know how to paddle in January. My next wildest dream is to hold my first art exhibition in Hong Kong.

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