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October 01, 2015

Hey beautiful souls of this Universe, thanks for stoping by & checking out this blog where you will get to know a little about me & how the idea for My Mantra came about. I think it's really important that I introduce myself to you all before we continue having more fun in the future, I'd like you all to be able to put a face to the name finally, so we can all engage & interact easier. My Mantra has been going for just over 4 months now & i can honestly say i have so many sisters all scattered around the globe & I find this extremely beautiful. The power of social media nowadays cannot be underestimated & as much as there's a negative vibe around this whole digital world, it's also a blessing that we can all stay so connected & so close. We get motivated, inspired, we build dreams & we make them all happen here, on this invisible platform so called Internet. I'm supper happy to finally introduce myself to you all, some of you already know me via email communications while I am yet still to meet the rest of you. Don't be shy, throw me an email on or just comment below & say hi, I'd love to meet YOU. I hope I don't bore you too much with this blog & I hope you enjoy the read.
Love & Light,
Q: Where were you born? Where have you lived during your life?
A: I was born in Moldova, a small country in southeastern Europe. It is always a challenge to explain to people where I’m from because many have not heard of it. If they have heard of it, it will either be because of bad football or Eurovision—(our country takes this very seriously and surprisingly we never do too bad). I lived the first fifteen years of my life in Moldova and the last fifteen have been spread out among the UK, Thailand, Australia—little bits here and there.
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Q:How did you come up with the idea to start My Mantra? Do you remember where you were when the thought first came to you?
A:  MyMantra was not born overnight, that is for sure. It is something that has been brewing for years and didn’t make sense until a long while later. I have always been inspired by clothing and design, except for the time when I was young and wanted to be an Archeologist haha. Even at that age I was mesmerized by the shapes, patterns, and styles of ancient Egypt and it’s pyramids, giving me the eyes of a designer’s. In my past I have had experience working in retail and have loved taking part in styling and visual merchandising. With that said, working with fashion has been a constant interest in my life. It became such a hobby of mine that at one point I planned on attending a university in hopes to get a degree in shoe designing. During that exact year, however, tuition had gone up three times the usual amount. It turned out to be a positive because I saved myself a whopping £40.000 in debt and four years of my life. Since then, I have traveled and met some really inspiring people, and slowly but surely, MyMantra has manifested. I began to meet people who had started their own label without really having been a “designer” — it gave me the push I needed. I dug into Instagram’s social media world where I discovered and studied other active wear brands until one day I found myself ordering my own samples. I would review these samples and ponder my own ideas while I was away in Rishikesh, India for my yoga training course that would allow me to become a teacher. It’s been a process that takes time and determination. I believe that if you are persistent, everything will fall into place & of course, MyMantra was not made with solely my hard work, but also with the ideas and help from a handful of amazing people. One day we will share their stories, too.
India, Rishikesh
Q: Legging patterns-- how did you come up with these unique patterns?
A: Our travels inspired the designs of our leggings. Me and my partner, Adam, are nomads at heart, we love finding new and beautiful places as much as possible. Our designer Vanessa, originally from Mexico, but now based in New York, is also an avid traveler with a gypsy heart & together we make wonderful things happen. Vanessa and I have never met in person, but with today’s technology we make it work by communicating via email and Skype. We have full trust in each other, we make a good team & together we create our designs. It takes a lot of sketching, a lot of emailing forward and back, a lot of Pinterest Pinning but it works out!
Our home for 9 months, Koh Tao (Thailand)
Q: What drew you to the lifestyle you live now? How do you stay motivated? What advice can you give to those who are constantly running into obstacles?
A: The lifestyle I live now began as a process that has slowly come together after many years. At seventeen-years-old I joined a Kickboxing Club that was located in my town in the UK. Kickboxing has taught me many things and has made me the well-grounded person I am today. Through a grading system I was able to slowly work my up to a black belt—an accomplishment I am very proud of. From there I went into personal training and worked hard in London before moving to Thailand. In Thailand I introduced classes into a gym on the tiny island of Koh Tao. Most recently, I earned my qualifications to become a yoga instructor and moved to Australia. I have found that I cannot train in only one or two styles, it’s boring and becomes uninteresting. I like to incorporate yoga into my workouts to create variety & I enjoy doing yoga after, a heavy weights workout. Believe it or not, yoga goes well with Kickboxing as well! I like to try new things that I then can take to my clients.
I am a firm believer that motivation has to be trained. Two years ago I entered a bikini fitness competition. During that time I had a ton of motivation that stemmed from my determination and passion to succeed. Motivation is something that comes and goes & It’s okay to lose it every now & again. As long as you eat well, practice mindfulness, and train hard, motivation will follow. Motivation is lost when there is a distraction. People fall off the wagon for multiple reasons but as long as you make the time (however much time it may be) to exercise, eat healthy, and keep a pure mind, you’ll find yourself regaining that motivation. Your body has to feel good for this to happen & following your passions will fuel your motivation. In the simplest of terms, if you’re doing something that you aren’t that into, you will have a harder time staying motivated.


Koh Tao, Thailand
IMG_2328-2Q: Who were and are your biggest supporters?
A: Adam, my partner, is my biggest supporter. I am always full of ideas. One day I will want to do one thing, tomorrow another, and Adam is always there to back me up and support me. My brother is also very supportive, his experiences with his own business allow him to give me constructive advice. I was by my brother’s side throughout his journey, and it is nice to have him doing the same for me. He and I will be working alongside each other for as long as I am in the UK. I believe that together we will inspire each other and come up with some brilliant ideas. It’s exciting!
Me & Adam at the colour run
Koh Tao
Koh Samui, Thailand
Q: Who are your biggest inspirations and why?
A: People who are driven are the ones who inspire me. I enjoy those who have an interesting story to tell—those who have started with little to no experience and worked their way up to become successful. Whenever I travel, I meet these types of people & surrounding myself with such individuals brings good influence. Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl) and Sophia Amoruso (Founder of Nasty Gal) are two powerful women who inspire me. Those who have the most significant effects on me are those who have told me their stories face to face over a cup of coffee. One of these people is my good friend Janine, who has left her office life behind in the US & has moved to a small island Koh Tao to run a juice bar. That's where we met & became good friends right away. We would then make endless pancakes at her house, singing to Mariah Carey's songs & enjoying the view from the top of the hill which overlooked the whole island. Gosh i miss her & the island so....
IMG_1240 2
Janine on Koh Tao
The view from Janine's house & my pancakes
Q: How did you mold your brand to be different from all the others?
A: Our brand is still being moulded, it’s personality is still evolving. We know who we are and what we aim to be in the future, and we hope our growing customers are learning this, too. There is no rush, we have nothing but time ahead of us & we hope our customers share this excitement too. MyMantra is all about the active lifestyle and the freedom of people. Nowadays, everything is so inside the box & here at Mantra we work outside the box. We promote an active lifestyle along with the freedom to travel and see the world & with the release of our new blog we will be able to share more about who we really are & how we can help the world get healthy & break free. We are a people’s brand and we want our customers to know that they have the power to make their own choices. Our goal is to motivate them in every way we can, be it through; clothing, fitness videos, health advice etcIMG_1059
Q: What was the most difficult part during your start in making the brand?
A: Starting a company is not easy. It requires many steps before you see the finished product—these steps can feel never-ending. The 2 main things you need are ; research & persistence & make sure you mediate often to keep your brain from frying! The whole process is overwhelming and you will constantly hit a brick wall, I'm afraid that is business. After you’ve hit that brick wall over and over again, it will eventually begin to break down & persistence is key, you will make it alive haha. I’ve learned to ignore those who don’t bring positivity into my life & by welcoming supportive people only, I have allowed myself to continue moving forward. Disregard those who try to bring you down, your dream is yours & they have nothing to do with it. Some people just won't get your dream but don't you worry, it's not you, it's them. 
Koh Samui, Thailand
Q: What are some current/consistent obstacles you face and how do you overcome them?
A: Life will always throw obstacles at you—different sizes and forms. For example, with the start of my new venture, my fitness has suffered a little. My fitness routines require a lot of work, time, and organization, making it hard to balance it out with my work tasks. Sometimes I get so deep into what I am working on that I cancel my workouts & I have come to realize how important it is for me to take the time to exercise my mind and body. I am a more productive worker after a work-out & I get my best ideas in two ways: when I'm doing cardio and when I meditate. When i do cardio my body sweats out the toxins, while my mind becomes free to wander & MyMantra is an outcome of that; pure tears & sweat haha ;)
Koh Tao Sunset


Q: What advice would you give to those who want to turn their dreams into realities, just like you did?
A: Turning a dream into reality is actually not that hard. There are a few simple steps:
1 - Dream your Dream.
2 - Do something everything to achieve it.
3 - Persistence is the key, nothing happens over night, keep pushing.
4 - Keep dreaming, if you don't dream of it anymore, then it's not a dream.
5 - More persistence.
6 - Research, Research, Research!
7 - Are you still dreaming? Great, keep dreaming.
8 - Talk to people who understand your dream. Share ideas with like- minded people
9 - Give it time.
10 - Are you still dreaming? Good, because it's starting to become reality.
Q: Where have you traveled? Tell us about where you have been and how these places have changed you.
A: I haven't really traveled to too many places & I have a lot of pins on my map but hey one country at a time right?. We seem to have fallen into the habit of combining work and travel. Adam and I had lived on a small tropical island in Thailand, Koh Tao, before we moved to Sydney, Australia. We are currently in the UK while taking care of Mantra & we are also researching our next adventure. I have been to Kenya, Morocco, and then India for my yoga teacher training course. Africa has a very special place in my heart, it’s somewhere I would really love to go again. Traveling for us is like food, we can't sustain without it. We don't know what's next on the list for us & that's what makes life exciting, never knowing what to expect & the great thing is that wherever we go, we can run MyMantra online. That’s exactly the type of business I have always wanted—to have the freedom to bring my work with me, while i'm out there exploring the world (i'm such a gypsy) hehe...


Koh Samui, Thailand

Q: What are your favorite ways to stay active? Tell us about your lifestyle and your interests/hobbies and activities?

A: I stay active in a variety of ways & my main way of training is weights. My addiction to weights began when I did a competition in Bikini Fitness with WBFF. Weights are the only way of achieving that defined look that so many people want. Getting into fights with a boxing bag is a great workout always followed by some good yoga to stretch out the muscle soreness. I also like running first thing in the morning while everyone's still asleep. The country side is a perfect spot for running if you love getting close to nature. When I lived on Koh Tao, I would hike first thing in the morning before it got too hot & my hikes would would end up being two hours long and result in some amazing scenic shots of the island from high above. Hiking is a perfect way to get connected to nature while getting fit at the same time. It's a win win; fresh air in your lungs & a hell of a workout.
Q - Your charity, why have you decided to donate & what's the future of your charity?
I believe that if we are able to, we should make a difference to the world & play our part. Since being very young I remember whenever I found money on the floor it used to go to a piggy bank & then that money would be collected & would make it's way to my country to a foster home. I love kids & i don't think anyone should ever have to suffer, specially kids. If i could foster thousands of kids & build a huge palace for them all, trust me I so would :) So of course it was only natural to me to start my own charity & help the world with my brand, not only am I making a difference but YOU are also making a huge difference just by wearing our brand. For now we are too small to donate a lot of money, but one day we will invest in the future of kids; be it opening a different kind of foster home or school in a third world country (where kids can become young entrepreneurs) or simply educating & preparing kids for the big world. We can all make a difference, no matter how small & silly it might seem. A good deed goes a long way & it's infectious ;) You can follow us on Instagram - @mantragooddeeds
WBFF bikini fitness competition, London
WBFF bikini fitness competition, London
 Q - Do you teach any of your classes here in the UK? 
Yes i do, actually I don't teach just yet but i will be by the end of this month. I will be teaching kickboxing & yoga classes in various gyms in London & I'd love to meet you all. Of course realistically I won't be able to meet you all because some of you are too far away & coming down for a class wouldn't be worth the plane journey ;) However we will become more accessible as of April next year, we will be doing our very first fitness retreat & then many more after that. That way you will get to go on holiday, get fit, eat quality foods, learn more about training, nutrition & get to meet us :) If you're interested please email me on as we will have only about 10 spaces available; location could be either UK, Greece, Italy, Morocco or we might just surprise you ;) Don't be shy, drop me a line.
Q: Share with us some unique things about yourself.
A: I was 15 when I left Moldova & moved to the UK. I didn't speak any english at the time. I enrolled in an english school and my only friends were boys—girls had no interest in hanging out with me while the boys were more accepting. They were also the ones who inspired me to take up Kickboxing since they were doing it at the time. The english I speak was learned after one year of full time studying at the college I attended & the rest of my english comes from what I taught myself through reading books. I have read so many books you wouldn't believe it, I ended up with perfect writing and would even get English people asking me how to spell something ;)
When I was young I dreamt about blue seas & sandy beaches. Growing up in Moldova, I wasn’t able to experience any of these. It’s was a difficult country to live in and it was very difficult to leave, but somehow I managed. I fell in love with traveling and was able to visit the seas and beaches from which I dreamt of. I'd like to believe a unique thing about me is that when I have a dream, I stick with it and it always manifests itself, one way or another. If it hasn't manifested itself it means it wasn't a dream & i didn't want it bad enough.
Live life to it's fullest so that when your last day does come up, you will have no regrets, only beautiful memories to take away with you.
Life is Now, Live It!!!!


YTT - India, Rishikesh

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