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September 08, 2015 4 Comments

Every Month MyMantra finds a charity to donate to, this months chosen charity is SightSavers. Based in London, it aims to eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide and help to end the exclusion for visually impaired people..
So why SightSavers we hear you ask.... It all began from a random email sent to us by a customer, that has led to a new friendship, our chosen charity and a guest blog writer for this month...
So Let me introduce you to Nic, who is registered Blind and about to embark on her journey into the world of Yoga...
....There is more to blindness than not seeing and more to sight than being able to see.. Learn to 'see' beyond appearances... 
As you read this blog, stop close your eyes just for a second and contemplate that darkness.. You can no longer see those words, the beautiful pictures on the screen.. Welcome to the world of the blind, not all visual impairment means total darkness, for me however it's a permanent fixture..
My journey began 20 years ago whilst at University in my final year, my life quite literally changed in a heartbeat, an infection that attacked my optic nerves.. My spring sunshine turned to darkness and it was from that day my world changed forever... The Freespirited, barefooted, gypsy soul became frightened and excluded through prejudice.. No longer able to read my beloved books, indulge in the visual beauty of Mother Nature.. All gone in a second..
But wait... I thought I am still me, so began a hard path to where I am today writing this blog.. 2 Guide Dogs (Lara pictured retired in March due to medical issues now a loving pet), a long white cane (who is my new best friend!), a partner whose eyes become mine through his descriptions of the world in a way that I can see, the invention of audio technology and the strong belief to be myself despite my disability in a society that sees what's on the outside first...
So how does My Mantra connect to all this, you ask..
Well I begin my next journey into the world of yoga for the blind this month.. Finally finding a master who is willing to teach me, many have turned away simply due to my sight loss as Yoga is a very visual art form.. That random email was mine! An enquiry about Yoga pants to a company that struck a cord with me through their ethics, products and beliefs..
My sightloss was not preventable sadly, there are however 39m blind people worldwide with 80% of that avoidable.. That's where SightSavers need your help, to assist in the elimination of avoidable blindness and the exclusion that this brings with it..
I live by the philosophy "Don't tell me I can't... I'll show you I can.." Nothing is impossible and no one knows what lies behind that outward appearance..
See beyond what's in front of your eyes...
If you wish to support SightSavers and their amazing work, then check out their website
Please show Nic some support simply by commenting below. This guest blog was written by Nic alone & she is one tough warrior, we love you Nic & we are super happy to have connected with you xxx
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4 Responses


September 28, 2015

The writing is no surprise as we already follow each other’s blogs and now, through her introduction, I am following good deeds too.
I live with Multiple Sclerosis but also have a positive outlook on life. I call it my ‘can do attitude’. I am even secretary of MS Synergy, an independent support group that is a small charity under the terms of the Charities Act. It operates solely in North Wales.

janey thompson
janey thompson

September 10, 2015

Lovely, thank you!


September 08, 2015

Not a ? After my comment. Please change to !. Thank you


September 08, 2015

Moving and beautifully written?

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