Sky Garden Yoga - London's Jungle In The Sky

September 07, 2015

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Think of magical gardens of eden, a sunrise with a view of London to die for, a yoga class across a whole roof terrace floor & an amazing yoga teacher taking you through your sun salutations. Think of the morning light coming over the London skyline & bathing you as you take in this astonishing view of the beautiful city. It sounds too magical to be true right? Well we would love to say that this place really does exist. Welcome to Sky Garden

Sky Garden Yoga is a pop up yoga located on the roof terrace of the Walkie Talkie building just outside Bank station in London. Yoga has become such a big trend & pop up yoga has become even bigger appearing in unique & funky locations like these. 
There’s a jungly & tropical looking garden at the top, an almost 360 degrees view of London, a sunrise & a class full of enthusiastic yogis. The class is always pretty big with anywhere between 60-100 people per class. The yoga instructor on the day was a beautiful soul called Mona, who taught us an hr of yoga & she made sure it was worth the 3am wake up call & the 1.5 hrs train journey to London. 
The class was a Vinyassa flow & i’d say it was roughly a 7 out 10 on the difficulty level. Being a yoga teacher myself i always look to improve my skills & try to join the more difficult & intense yoga classes of very skilled teachers. I will say, Mona gets a 10 out of 10 for her teaching skills, her voice was very calm & clear to understand, making all the poses very easy to perform. The flow was nice & fast, leaving 
 me breathless, especially after the so many variations of Suria Namaskar.
The music very was trendy, on point & almost got me up & dancing. I believe that when it comes to fast flowing yoga classes, the music has to go with the flow, and it did so perfectly, so well done Mona, not only for a very good & sweaty class but also for the tasteful music. We ended the class by having breakfast at Darwin's brasserie just a floor below the yoga terrace, tucking away in our scrumptious healthy breakfasts & very strong coffees. 
The view at Paul’s patisserie is as beautiful as the view on the yoga floor & we enjoyed a healthy breakfast at a very reasonable price; only £12 each including a hot drink & the service charge. Not bad considering we were in a sky scraper & over looking the whole of London. So not only is this scenic yoga class just £10 but you also get a 20% voucher for the patisserie, which makes the whole experience very affordable.
The morning ended with us taking photos of beautiful Mona in My Mantra Active's leggings & a chat about her yoga retreat in France.
The day was so good that I’d rate it at 10 out of 10 & I’ll be going for some more yoga fix this thursday. If anyone would like to trial our active wear, we would love to treat you to 15% OFF - use code SkyGarden. 
Hope you enjoyed this blog & make sure if you live in London or visit London, Sky Gardens Yoga is a must.

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