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Nature's Candy Collection - Leggings Nr 2

Yes yes we know you are excited about this collection & to be honest? So are we... We are anxious to be sharing this whole collection with you pretty soon actually. We decided to bring you a Photoshoot in two stages, stage 1 will allow us to release the leggings for PRE ORDERS for those of you that very eager to get their hands on them & stage 2 is the official BIG DAY photoshoot that will be taking place in Sydney & will be epic.
So today, we have decided to finally reveal the 2nd pair of leggings. This is the last time we will be giving you little peek into what's to come & the next time you will be able to see the whole thing, we promise there will be no more secrets and no more hiding. 
Please share your thoughts as we value them dearly. Feel free to comment bellow.
Location - Sky Garden
For Sky Garden Yoga - here


In the mean time please check our Pinterest inspirational board for Nature's Candy collection.

ina plesca
ina plesca


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