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Nature's Candy - Available For Preorder

We know how patient you all are & we are very happy to announce a little bit more about our newest collection. So this Blog is a little bit more special than the last one we wrote on Nature's Candy purely because we have some confessions to make & we know you will love them. 
If you've missed out on these beauties please read this blog here & then here.
So now that we all know there will be some serious bursts of colours, i bet you want to know what they look like right? Well we have some photos for you but again we can't reveal too much just yet, sorry yes we have to keep you in the dark just for a little bit longer.
This morning we have mailed the samples  to our awesome photographer in Sydney & the shoot is due to take place next Wednesday.  Sydney is now starting to get warm again & with summer just around the corner, this shoot couldn't have been more perfectly timed.
Soooo, let's cut corners & hit straight to the point. You all want to know more right? 
Nature's Candy will be made out of - Are you ready???
7 styles - Yes, not 3 like we first planned but 7. 
We wanted to make sure that we bring a good variety of fruits to the table & for that exact reason we will have long & 3/4 leggings + shorts. This collection will come to life as soon as we are able to share the photos from our Sydney shoot & the good news is that most of the collection will be limited edition. So once they're gone, they're gone forever. These will be available for PRE ORDER, so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter & as soon as you see the email subject "Nature's Candy available for PRE ORDER NOW!!!", you hit that "Buy" button girl. 
But this is not it, nooooo wayyyy... We have one more announcement to make. We know summer in the UK is now almost over, but here at My Mantra it's summer all year round so we have decided to have another addition to the family. This addition will be 6 styles of the Bamboo Frame Mirror sunglasses. These sunnies are also Eco Friendly & keep an eye out for their claim to fame, because we will write an individual blog on those too. 
For now, let's all enjoy Nature's Candy & look out for them, because they are coming super soon.
In the mean time please check our Pinterest inspirational board for Nature's Candy collection.

ina plesca
ina plesca


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Carly Murdoch
Carly Murdoch

August 31, 2015

woop woop!!! I was just starting to scope out some funky 3/4 and shorts for the upcoming season of hot yoga (in my area of the world) and, lo and behold, I can stick to my fave brand now!!!!

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