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Caroline Anne - Representing Mantra In Women's Health

Today we'd like to share with you a little bit more about the girl behind our feature in Women's Health & also the girl who's been working with us since day 1 of Mantra's existence. Caroline Anne is one amazing, beautiful yogi & she is also a very talented model. We'd like to share & celebrate with you our feature in Women's Health & we are also bringing you a little guest blog by Caroline herself. We're sure you will be seeing plenty of this girl on MyMantra's Instagram account. We love her !!!

1 - Caroline, tell us more about yourself. How did you get into yoga? Your Instagram account is so full of beautiful yoga poses & you make them all look so easy...

I got into yoga through Instagram.  I started taking part in yoga challenges and my love for yoga just continued to grow.  I'm lucky that having done gymnastics all my life I am pretty flexible and strong, though I'm still always learning new yoga moves and definitely struggle with some poses.  My inspiration comes from fellow yogis on Instagram, I love seeing a new pose and then giving it a go myself.

2- You are also doing a bit of modelling at the moment? Your photo in our feature in Women's Health looks fab, you were born for modelling...

Thank you, modelling is something I really enjoy and it's especially nice that I'm able to combine it with my love for yoga.

3 - Appart from yoga. What else do you do to stay fit? 

It's pretty much just yoga, I try to do a half hour stretch first thing every morning and a 45-60 minute practice later in the afternoon, I'm definitely more flexible later on in the day.  For me yoga is a way of continuing gymnastics as I have gotten older and I have never been stronger or more toned than I am now.  I also really like swimming and usually swim for an hour 2 to 3 times a week.

4 - You have so many amazing photos. Who's your photographer?

My boyfriend is a professional photographer so I'm lucky that I can just go out and get photos of a new pose I've learned or in some new yoga gear whenever I want or need to. www.valentinesphotography.co.uk
5 - What foods do you eat to stay fit & healthy?

I just eat what I want.  I do like fruit (my current favourite is persimmons) and vegetables so tend to eat fairly healthily most of the time but I also love chocolate.  I definitely have a sweet tooth and don't think I go a day without some kind of chocolate.

6 - What is your biggest dream?

I want to be able to continue doing what I love, which is combining yoga and modelling, and make a sustainable career out of it.

7 - How do you overcome challenges?

I'm very determined, so if I put my mind to something I won't give up or stop until I achieve my goal.

8 - What do you think of our leggings? You got to shoot quite a lot of them in your own studio, with your PRIVATE photographer ;) And which ones are your favourite?

I love the bright colours and designs of all the MyMantra leggings.  It's really hard to choose a favourite as when I modelled your first range I loved every pair I put on.  If I had to choose I think my favourites would be Ganges.

9 - If you could live anywhere in this world, where would it be & why?

Somewhere hot by a beach :)

10 - Tell us something we don't know about you?

I love hedgehogs and even had a pet African Pygmy hedgehog.

If you'd like to follow Caroline on Instagram, simply click here 


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ina plesca


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