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The Lazy Lunch Day - Make A Quick 10min Recipe

When it comes to food, we all want something fast, healthy & easy to make, requiring ingredients that we already have in our pantry.
Here at MyMantraActiveLifestyle (our new blog name btw, it's in the making), we try to share with you just very easy & quick recipes. No one wants a huge list of ingredients in our busy schedules, so therefore, we try to keep it simple for you. What we have here, requires one main ingredient & that's 3 whole eggs. The rest, is just stuff you happen to find in your fridge. So let's do this, shall we? I'm hungry :)


Rough calories - 400cal
3 eggs
handful of baby corn
handful of spinach
1 whole tomato
olive oil
1 - lightly fry the garlic in a non stick pan
2 - add the tomato & baby corn & lightly fry a little more - about 5min
3 - whisk the eggs & spinach together, adding amy spices you wish
4 - add the fried mixture into the bowl of eggs & mix well
5 - pour back in the frying pan & cover with a lid for a further 5min
6 - serve
7 make sure you enjoy a guilt free & delicious high protein, low carb meal
And also, what else do you see in this picture? Let's see if anyone guesses? Comment below if you think you know ;)

ina plesca
ina plesca


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September 03, 2015

Red pepper?

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