HUGE GIVEAWAY - 7 Pairs Of Leggings

July 26, 2015

Hey MyMantra fans,
We would like to finally reveal our biggest giveaway so far. We have combined forces with our awesome girl @cuchira to bring you a fun challenge & give you a huge giveaway. We would love to say thank you for being with us & for supporting us from day one & for that exact reason we will be giving away 7 pairs of leggings. Yes exactly you heard it right, 7 pairs...
We would appreciate any support you might give us, tell your family & friends to come join us on Instagram & share us with everyone. Come join the challenge & read the terms & conditions bellow. 
Good luck & have loads of fun 
Repost from from Instagram of our amazing host @cuchira
#SLASHERINA IG AUGUST (8/1-8/11) YOGANCE CHALLENGE via @cuchira! My girls, Slash & Rina have joined opposing forces to bring us a very important Yogance challenge. They both feel it's essential to have strong foundation when it comes to Surya Namaskara A (Sun Salutation) although Slash is a bit too "cool" to fully show her enthusiasm. Hopefully she'll perk up as the challenge begins... We shall see. In a yoga class this sequence is repeated several times. If done with improper alignment we can do more damage than good to ourselves, promoting injury with due time, rather than strengthening & encouraging growth in our practice. Thank goodness the girls have stepped up to the plate, offering up their services to work on Surya Namaskar A with detailed tips & advice. Thanks Slash & Rina! We appreciate you! They will guide us through the postures, then we'll put in altogether into the classic Surya A & finally Yogance the shizzz out of it.  #SLASHERINA CHALLENGE IS FOR ALL LEVELS. Our badass sponsors @taeclothing & @mymantraactive are supporting the dream You guys ready to learn & have a blast! If so, please TAG your friends & share the Yogance Love. To be up for PRIZES please REPOST this flyer & TAG #SLASHERINA @cuchira @mymantraactive @taeclothing #YOGANCE. 

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