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July 21, 2015 3 Comments

Dear MyMantra customers, 
Thank you for taking the time to read & learn more about our activities. As you all may know, MyMantra has now officially left Oz behind, but not without doing a little bit of travelling first. 
We decided to leave the concrete jungle and bright lights of Sydney behind, pack all of our possessions (which really isn’t allot) into a little camper van and spend our last week in this beautiful country exploring the East Coast. We knew two things, We wanted to see as much as we possibly could of this vast country in just 7 days as well as finding some awesome new locations to shoot our products in.
And so we were off! We’re not really into making solid plans when we travel so each night’s sleeping location was usually found whilst on the road and Google images became our best friend in order to find beautiful locations, epic coastal views, gorgeous sandy beaches and tranquil lakes. The structure of our days tended to be as follows: A morning run whilst the Sun rose over the ocean (The BEST way to start your day), followed by a nice big breakfast and on the road by 10am. Each day we would average around 4-5 hours of driving with at least 2 location stops on the way and arriving at our next camping spot around 6pm. This way we were able to get as much into our day as possible and ensure that every day we woke up to the most amazing views!
We found that the most beautiful places we managed to find were those that we’d never heard of before and we stumbled across purely because they happened to be the right time frame away from our start location, and the best thing about arriving at night is that you have no idea what you’ll be waking up to until the sun pops it’s head over the Horizon.
Our first camp spot for the night was the beautiful Elizabeth Beach just North of Newcastle. Waking up here was amazing! As we ran along the vast deserted beach at 6am we knew immediately that this would be a great place to shoot our Mermaid leggings, so we finished our run, guzzled some breakfast and returned for our first location shoot. We took some great shots but compared with the locations that would follow we only scratched the surface.
On our way up on day 2 we stopped at Crowdy Head lighthouse for some amazing 360 degree vistas of the surrounding landscape as well as the nearby beach where we had some fun practising handstands and generally being a bit silly with our pictures. We also stopped in Port Macquarie but this was more for the purpose of replenishing our depleted caffeine stores before we set off to find our next nights camping at South West Rocks. The following day we awoke to the most beautiful Sunrise and carried out our morning ritual on the beach before heading off to the famous Byron Bay via Nambucca Heads and Coffs Harbour.
Byron would be our first opportunity to train in an actual gym so the following morning we skipped the morning run and headed straight for a local gym; It had only been a few days but geez we both already felt like we hadn’t lifted weights for a month! The following day we decided we had some ground to cover, so following a few hours hanging out in Byron and buying cool props for our upcoming Next Shoot we zoomed up through the Gold Coast only getting a feel for the beaches by what we could see from the van window.
We arrived at our campsite just outside of Noosa later than usual and it was pitch black so we had literally no idea what the area was like that until the following morning. Little did we know that we would awake to find one of our most beautiful shoot locations yet. A completely still and tranquil lake surrounded by a small strip of beach and the coolest dead tree hanging out over the water, it was the perfect back drop with the perfect props for shooting Violeta.
Our week was beginning to slip away from us so we decided we would do a short drive to our next camp site and spend the day at Rainbow beach, a 21km stretch of beach famous for 4x4 driving and camping. Here we found a huge sand dune towering above the bay which we knew immediately would be our next shoot location and due to its wild feel perfect for our Anacondas.
The time had come to start heading back down toward Brisbane for our flight in just a couple of days and there was something bugging us a little; we’d been in Australia for 7 months and had yet to see any real Australian wildlife! This to us was unacceptable so the following day we threw in the towel and decided that if the animals weren’t going to come to us, then we’d have to go to them…...
Next stop, Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo. Lets be honest for a moment, these animals are far from free and wild, and you pay astronomical fees in order to see them but the opportunity to stroke Kangaroos, Koalas and to see the amazing power of Crocodiles as well as learn about the conservation efforts of the Irwin family to educate and inspire people to love nature is one that we felt we had to experience. All of the animals in this Zoo are rescued for one reason or another and they have some of the largest enclosures that we’ve seen, but there is still the conflicting feeling that these beautiful creatures would look so much better in their natural habitats.
Last stop, Brisbane! Here we just took the opportunity to soak up the city and managed to get to the gym twice which was a big relief for both of us. As well as wandering around the streets aimlessly we met with some very hospitable friends who invited us to their house for our first roast dinner since Christmas 8 months ago, and for any English people reading this you will know that’s a long time to go without a roast dinner! So we filled our bellies, drank Red Wine and stopped for our final night in Australia. And here we are, present day, sitting on our Singapore Airlines flight exactly 20hrs into our journey and just 5hrs to go until we touch down on home soil once again! So what’s next I hear you ask…………Well that’s the best part………We have no idea and we love it!

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August 08, 2015

Take a road trip along Australia s East Coast – But be aware of the cangaroos! If you have a crave for swimming and water sports, but want to take a ride at your own pace then you should jump on board a campervan and take one or two months off to explore the east coast of Australia.

July 27, 2015

Hi Ina, loved reading your adventure trip in Oz!have an amazing time. Look forward to seeing you at The Yoga & Spirit Show 3/10/15 your leggings look awesome!

charli sparks
charli sparks

July 27, 2015

LOVED your reading your adventure!!exciting times ahead!looking forward to seeing your fashion show & stand in october!!!?have an amazing trip!x

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