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Healthy Breakfast Recipe - Ferrero Rocher Oats

I am about to share something with you. You might love me for it or you might hate me for it (only because there’s a chance you will feel super guilty while eating it). Surely you’ll love me for it.
So here it is…

The almighty Chocolate Oats with a cherry on top. Who are we kidding— drop the cherry and add a FERRERO ROCHER. That’s right. You’re welcome.
 This, ladies and gents, is a bowl of heaven containing chocolate oats, whey protein (your choice to add, of course), berries, and a magnificent Ferrero Rocher. It makes for a good breakfast on a cheat day.
 After seeing this incredible recipe that is indeed food porn, I knew right away that I would devour this for my next breakfast. My belly thanked me and so will yours.
 It’s a simple recipe and I already had the majority of the ingredients in my pantry. All I had to do was buy the Ferrero Rocher to put on top, and since I follow my fitness routine religiously, I felt I deserved a three-pack of the little heavenly balls of chocolate. I stopped there with the three-pack to avoid over-indulging and waking up with a regret on my face.
 OKAY, OKAY… I know you are just dying to get to the recipe

It's simple! All you need is:


  • 4tbs Organic Rolled Oats
  • 1 scoop Whey Protein Powder
  • 2tbs Cocoa powder
  • Frozen berries of your choice (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and/or raspberries)
  • 1 Ferrero Rocher (the bomb)
  • 100ml milk (any)
  • Honey




  1. (Following the directions on your chosen box of oats) Bring the water to a boil, add in the oats, and cook for as long as instructed.
  1. Really slowly start adding little bits of the cocoa powder to the pan, but be careful. Dont add it all in at once, as this can create unwanted clumps and youll be eating cocoa powder balls. Gross.
  1. Keep adding the cocoa power while stirring with a spoon. Once all the cocoa powder has been added, turn off the heat. Using the same technique, add the protein powder. Whenever the mixture gets too dry, add milk. You can make it as thick or as thin as you wish.
  1. When everything is nicely mixed, pour into a bowl.
  1. Sprinkle the frozen berries on top, drizzle some honey, add a dollop of peanut butter in the middle if you want, and where you’d put a cherry, put the Ferrero Rocher ball— the queen of all queen’s!

    6 . Then you take a spoon, and really slowly savor every single bite. Always leave the best for last! ;) Let the         ferrero be in the last mouthful you eat. 


Easy right?!
We will only be sharing recipes that are super simple and don't require a ridiculous amount of ingredients. I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse than looking at a delicious recipe only to realize that you only have five of the twenty ingredients it calls for!
How did yours turn out? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know below!

ina plesca
ina plesca


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