The Life Of A Real Mermaid - From Hawaii

June 10, 2015

Photo Credit - IG @areakphotos
Every now & then we would like to share beautiful stories from beautiful people around the world. We will ask them questions about their home place & try to get a real insight through the eyes of a local person.
Everything about life, culture, food, how to stay active, do's & don'ts etc.
Asia, the Hawaiian mermaid who spends a lot of her time under water, will share a little piece of her life with us. 
Reporting from Hawaii......
The Life Of A Hawaiian Mermaid 
Tell us more about your background. How did you happen to live on one of  the most beautiful tropical islands of the world?

I was incredibly blessed to be born and raised here. My dad grew up on the islands after moving here at the age of 7 and my mom moved to Hawaii after college. 

What do you do for a living & how do you find your job? Is it it a passion or just something to get you by? 

I photograph full time as a freelance photographer. I shoot portraits, weddings, and even real estate, but I’d say my specialty and what I do most is underwater photography. It’s both a passion and something to get me by. I was photographing in a studio full time when a friend of mine messaged me on facebook, asking if I’d ever thought about doing underwater photography. He then introduced me to a photographer who shot for different boats and their snorkel excursions. The first time I went on one of the boats, I swam with wild dolphins for the first time, and the rest is history!


How do you stay fit & what's trending, fitness wise on the island?

I’m in the water 6-days a week so that keeps me fit. When I’m not busy photographing and swimming with dolphins and turtles, I like to surf and hike. I’ve never liked the gym, so I’m grateful that my work and hobbies keep me active. I feel like it’s easier to stay fit in Hawaii since the weather is beautiful all year round. You’ll have your usual runners and yoga classes, and then there’s other activities that nature has to offer such as hiking, surfing, body boarding, swimming, diving, etc. 


What sort of food is served on the island? What are the main local fresh foods? 
The food served here on the island is a fusion of Hawaiian, American, and Asian cuisines. A few island favorites are Poke (sliced raw fish similar to shashimi), Acai bowls, and shave ice. One of the freshest foods here in Hawaii is our fruit – pineapple, mango, lychee, lilikoi and so much more. There’s also quite a bit of coffee and macadamia nuts grown here.
Photo Credit - IG: @photography_by_leighton
How did you find wearing our leggings under water & what do you think of our Ocean Collection?
I absolutely love my leggings underwater! Not only do they dry faster than other brands I’ve tried, but the fit is fantastic! The Ocean collection has such vibrant colors and reminds me of it’s name – the ocean. 
Photo Credit - IG: @photography_by_leighton



If you could live in another country, where would it be and why? 
That’s hard to say since I’ve only visited a few countries. My heart is truly in Hawaii, but it would probably have to be somewhere in the Pacific since I can’t seem to live without the ocean. 


What sort of activities do you wish you could do, but don't dare to & why?
 I wish I was more flexible and could do a handstand when I see all of these beautiful yogis all over social media. I guess I just need to set aside some time to work my way up so I don’t hurt myself :p 


Asia is wearing - Mermaid Leggings

Photo Credit - IG @areakphotos

How do you challenge yourself in life? 
 I like to think I challenge myself on a regular basis. Whether it’s growing my business, expanding my horizons, or attempting to dive deeper. Just a few years ago, I had never snorkelled before in my life and didn’t know the first thing about free diving. Now, when I’m not swimming, I sometimes feel like a fish out of water. 
Photo Credit - IG: @photography_by_leighton


Will you home us for a week if we came to Hawaii ;)))
Since I don’t own my own home and live with others that might be kind of tricky, but I would love to show you a few of my favorite spots on the island!

What do you think of us potentially bringing out a collection, inspired by your birthplace? A Hawaiian collection?
 I am so excited by that idea! Hawaii has so many naturally beautiful qualities that could provide with some inspiration.
Photo Credit - IG: @photography_by_leighton


What are the most beautiful things about Hawaii? 
One thing I especially love is the diversity. There are so many different races and people with mixed heritages. I also love how it’s laid back, family-oriented, and all about food! At every event there’s always food!



What advise would you give us if we came to Hawaii for the first time?
One. To be respectful of the land, wildlife, and people. We have quite a few tourist here on vacation enjoying themselves. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, but sometimes people can get carried away and end up being disrespectful by because they’re so far from home (littering, etc). 


Two. Have a healthy fear of the ocean. Make sure you know a little bit about a spot before you jump in. Certain spots have currents, heavy shorebreak, or sea urchins that you have to watch out for. 



Is it true that you are a mermaid?
 Well, my hair always seems to be wet and I play with dolphins and turtles more than any other animals, so you can be the judge of that.
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Photo Credits -
Instagram - @asyabrynne
Facebook - OpenWater Productions
Mermaid - Asia

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