A quick and easy 24min Resistance Band Workout | Anytime, Anywhere

October 06, 2017

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Anytime, Anywhere

Body weight resistance is such a great tool, especially when you add resistance bands. You honestly can get a great full body workout in in less than 30mins. This 24min workout is one of my favourites to do whilst on the move. You can do it ANYWHERE & ANYTIME. All you need is yourself & your resistance band, which is so light and small to take anywhere with you, the perfect fitness weapon to fit in your handbag, rucksack or beach bag.


The ULTIMATE 24min RB Workout

60seconds per exercise 

7mins to Awesome Arms

RB Pullaparts

RB push ups

RBoverhead pull apart

RB face pulls

RB Tricep extensions

RB Bicep Curls

RB Hammer Curls


5mins Booty Blast

RB squats

RB fire hydrants (30s preside)

RB crab walks (30s preside)

RB glue bridges

RB standing lateral leg raises (30s preside)

x 2 | Repeat | 60seconds per exercise 

P.s we 100% want to hear how much this RB workout burns!?! Let's us know on Instagram at @rocketandhoney + @mymantraactive 

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So there you have it. The perfect resistance band workout that you can not only get done in 24mins, but you can do anywhere & at anytime. It not only works just your upper or lower body, but your full body. It's great for when on the road, or when your at home with the little ones running around. These exercises are all fantastic if you wanted to incorporate them into a daily exercise routine you may already have.

Just remember to do a few dynamic stretches (lunge twists/x hops) to warm up, & some static held stretches to cool down, & you've got yourself a full workout in less than half an hour. Trust me that's all you need. You don't need to spend hours slogging away at the gym. All you need is 30mins of exercise a day, to drink plenty of water, move throughout the day & eat a balanced diet.

This will come with practice. So keep up the awesome work! 


Love Annie | Rocket & Honey

@rocketandhoneyInsta + FB + Twitter + YouTube 


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