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Welcome To Mantra - Really Nice To Meet You All

Aaaaand we finally go live! Thanks to everyone who has been following our progression for the past few months on our social media accounts. We couldn't be more thrilled to finally go live & start sharing our fitness wear with the rest of the world. It surely has been a very challenging & exciting project & finally seeing "our baby" as we call it, taking off the ground feels just amazing. Seeing so much support & love from around the world has also been very motivating & inspiring for us because at the end of the day we created this brand for you.
 We created this brand for your active & wild lifestyle, not just for all the standard fitness activities, we  created it for your wild dreams. It's for the dreamer within you, the person who explores & wants to know, the person who doesn't fall within the STANDARD society, the person who is NOT NORMAL. Because we are not, we are all unique individuals & we all express ourselves differently, we all like to explore paths we have never explored before. So why wear something that doesn't show off your true personality.
So we'd like to present to you a fitness brand with a little twist.
A fitness brand for the free people, for the wanderlusters, explorers and the free spirits . 
If you have a little browse through our leggings & mats you will see a variety of colours and styles, this is because our brand is vibrant & full of life. It was born through travelling & so this is the reflection of it. The travels haven't stopped & never will. Mantra is on a move for life and we don't want to stop being active & exploring this beautiful world.
We want to be with you wherever you go, wherever you are, we want you to share your experiences with us, so we can share you with the world
Our future leggings collections will have a story to tell, they will be based around a location on the world map & they will be inspired by it. We are already working on our first 3 location based collections & if you sign up to our newsletter, you will be the first to know more info about them. 
One thing is for sure - we are going 100% Eco.
We are not there yet, but we are slowly getting there. So be assured that we care about you & the planet. We are constantly working on reducing the negative impact that we could be making to our planet so help us by shopping the smart way, shop recycled so we can reduce the waste. Also don't forget to join our charity page on Facebook - Mantra Good Deeds.
Every month we will be doing good deeds around the world with a part of the money from our sales. With this we are hoping to encourage more people to do good deeds around the world and we will constantly be posting fun & cool ideas of how to make a good deed.
Let's change the world for the better.


Stay tuned through our social media platforms & keep yourself updated with all the future exciting collections from Mantra Fitness Apparel. 

ina plesca
ina plesca


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