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Tropical Print - Mix & Match To Create Your Own Outfit

Can you tell we have a mild obsession with this print? Oh & did you know they are made from recycled plastic bottle? 
Our mix & Match pieces have been designed with the thought of being able to combine your outfit according to your activity. This beautiful print has been inspired by the birth place of My Mantra Active which is Koh Tao, a small tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. 
These designs show the true core of our brand - which is sun, fun & active living. 
Our Mix & Match pieces can be used in Yoga, Gym, Outdoors, Surfing, SUP & Beach. Our tropical pieces can be purchased separately or together to create the perfect outfit.
Complete your look with a boho anklet/armlet, necklace or any other accessory from our accessories range. 
Leave a comment bellow & tell us which style is your favourite.

ina plesca
ina plesca


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Savannah | Primal Revolutions
Savannah | Primal Revolutions

June 04, 2016

I’m tied between the surf outfit and the bikini! They all so beautiful though. I love the high neckline of the bikini – a style I haven’t tried on myself yet. But the surf top is so unique! Not that I surf and I’m nowhere near the ocean right now but I bet I could find a way to make it fashionable anyway ;)

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