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Chocolate Swirls Ice Cream - Vegan Treat

Chocolate Swirls (5 popsicles) | vegan, raw, GF, LF


Due to the coconut cream these popsicles are so creamy and rich. You can make the ice cream in smaller molds to get more of these beauties. Coconut has plenty of benefits! It’s rich in iron, magnesium and contains healthy saturated fats. This is a great energizing source!


1 cup coconut cream, 1 ripe banana, 1⁄4 cup coconutmilk, 2tbsp cacao, 1tbsp agave syrup

How to:

1 - In a mixer blend all the ingredients
except 1tbsp cacao.

2 - Pour half of the mixture in

3 - Blend the remaining mixture with rest
of the cacao.

4 - Now pour the mixture in same
molds and slowly swirl the two mixtures together so that a nice swirl is formed.

5 - As topping I used the Raw Choc Sauce, amaranth puffs, and raspberries


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My name is Alexandra Andersson, lives in Malmö Sweden. I’m a creative person who tends to love healthy food. I also love sweets, therefore my recipes are targeted at snacks & treats, smoothies & parfaits, breakfast, and ice cream. My recipes are vegan, raw, gluten-, lactose- and refined sugar free. To create recipes is something I have had as an interest for a long time but now I’m dying to inspire other people! This is why I started my brand Fivesec Health.

Today my communication channels are through Instagram and Facebook, soon there will be a website and an iOS app as well. Fivesec Health is hoping to reach and inspire more people by release a free recipe app. The recipes below will of course be available in the app.

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